You Can Build Your Own Boat With Proven Boat Plans!
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You Can Build Your Own Boat With Proven Boat Plans!

Tennessee Gathering of Boatbuilders Will Showcase the Efforts of Many First Time Boat Builders

“It was great putting faces with names and being able to see how builders handled certain things I haven’t done yet. I was impressed by the craftsmanship of all the boats. ” David Barrett, Georgia

“Had a great time. Great people to be associated with! Lots of beautiful boats by even more beautiful people.” Gary McCusker, Kentucky

“It was an awesome weekend, much more fun than I had hoped, and I was pretty excited to go.” Bill Eason, Georgia

Join the fun at the Fourth Glen-L Gathering of Boatbuilders at Hale’s Bar Marina & Resort in Guild, Tennessee September 24-26, 2010. For details, see the Gathering Website: http://glen-l.com/gathering/index.html or contact Gayle, or 562-630-6258.

Building a boat is one of the most rewarding experiences for those who have embarked on this creative undertaking. For many, the actual process of building is a reward of its own. But most seem to think that the very best part is showing off your boat and talking with other builders about everything pertaining to boats and building. This September is your chance to do just that.

The members of the Glen-L Forum have organized the fourth Gathering of Boatbuilders – also known as “G4”. This year’s event will be at Hale’s Bar Marina and Resort in Guild, TN from September 24-26, 2010. Many will bring their Glen-L boats, other homemade boats or even off the shelf boats. All are welcome!

My name is Gayle Brantuk and our company, Glen-L Marine Designs, in Bellflower, California was founded in 1953 by my father Glen L. Witt. Since 1953 we have provided boat plans, supplies and kits to build your own boat. Most who come to our Gatherings are first time builders and it’s amazing to see the beautiful results of their efforts.

If you’ve considered building your own boat, this is definitely the event to attend. Some boats will be completed, some still in process but everyone is more than happy to answer questions and share their experiences with you.

At the past three Gatherings, there were 15-30 boats and up to 100 people in attendance. Each year it seems to get bigger, so we’re all looking forward to renewing old acquaintances, meeting new friends, and seeing new boats.

We expect to have a nice mix of boats at this year’s Gathering. There will be several bright finished mahogany runabouts, a cabin cruiser or two, hot rods, a hydroplane, tugboats, sailboats and who knows what else.

The Forum members provide food and drink and welcome those who’d like to pitch in and help. This is a free event, but donations are accepted. All of the organization is done through the Forum and details and links can be found at the Gathering Website. http://glen-l.com/gathering/index.html

We invite you to join us at this year’s event. Bring a boat if you wish and please join the discussion on the Forum and let us know you’re coming! http://glen-l.com/phpBB2/viewforum.php,f=28&sid=af9beb282b9793bb122163bb76f0a494