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Xiaomi reveals its big challenges for the future

by Ace Damon
Xiaomi reveals its big challenges for the future

In an interview with the Chinese website MyDrivers, Xiaomi's CEO Lei Jun spoke about Xiaomi's past, present and future. In the year that the Chinese manufacturer celebrates 10 years of life, there is an ever greater investment in research and development.

For Lei Jun, Xiaomi focuses on innovation, quality and delivery. As a justification, it reveals that in 2019 around 9.5 billion euros were invested in research and development. In 2020 the goal is to reach 12.6 billion.

Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi

Stock problems are a thing of the past at Xiaomi

"Nine years have passed since we started making smartphones. As for Xiaomi, the first thing that everyone thinks is cost-effective. However, we have already had to deal with several criticisms for lack of 'stock', which is something of the past. ”, reveals the executive.

As stated, Xiaomi has seen great growth in its production and distribution chain. “We used to have products out of stock for a long time. Demand is usually very high initially. However, our offer was insufficient ”.

These edges have been smoothed, Lei Jun states that stock is no longer a problem at Xiaomi. The executive states that the company's delivery capacity currently reaches 15 million units a month.

This is a healthy growth for a company that increasingly consolidates its international position. This was the year that Xiaomi took a big step in the quality of its top smartphones, and it is hoped that this will continue to progress.

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