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With Coronavirus, the Work-Out-From-Home Movement Has a Captive Audience

by Ace Damon
With Coronavirus, the Work-Out-From-Home Movement Has a Captive Audience

I went to the treadmill, running up a 5-minute demo of David Siik's Precision Run, a dynamic program that moves with speed and incline. Equinox's HIIT videos followed, taking me through push-ups, squats and climbers on the mat. Then, cleaning with a cold eucalyptus towel that I should replicate in my own refrigerator, I stepped out of inspiration to discover my own version of fitness, as the world retracts into temporary hibernation. An app that offers a sophisticated salad bar (without any of the associated germs) appears to be a definite time option. Strangely enough.

"The feedback was extremely positive," Jason LaRose, CEO of Equinox Media, told me in a phone call on Friday afternoon, pointing out the enthusiasm on Instagram about the bike. ("My request within seconds of receiving the invitation – adrenaline – felt like Monday at noon," wrote an enthusiastic regular. Another: "YO DAWG WHERE WERE THE AUDIENCE RIDER AUDITIONS?") The same day as the president Trump declared a national emergency, the response to the app at home remained stable. “We already had members contacting us, the first day they got access, saying, 'Thanks for that because I live in a part of the city where I can no longer join a club'. Said LaRose. "For us, this is really an answer and an answer" – that is, a mission to serve customers wherever they are, in the studio and in the digital sphere. (There is no doubt that competitor Peloton is ready to open a large Hudson Yards main studio next week, albeit less a stroke of good timing.) "These real-life experiences are really compelling," added LaRose. "But sometimes it just doesn't work." His own team of 80, headquartered in a Manhattan production studio, which was once home to The Daily Show and Sesame Street, began to leave the office in favor of remote locations.

How will this moment – with fanatics crazy about cycling at home, credit card in hand – affect Variis' arrival on the gym scene? Remember: it was only last summer that Stephen Ross, president of Equinox’s parent company, organized an event to raise funds for Trump, sparking high-profile protests and defections. (Chrissy Teigen & # 39; s tweet for action: “Everyone who cancels their participation in the equinox and the cycle of the soul, finds me in the library. bring weights. ”) Both fitness giants issued answers at the time, distancing himself from the republican billionaire. Now, with global leaders playing shadow in the president's response to COVID-19, it is questioned whether Equinox's image can remain as clean as its gym equipment, now receiving cleanings three times a day with hospital-grade cleaner.

Anyway, as we move to a WFH reality, the move to WOFH is gaining momentum. Mirror, the streaming platform whose hardware offers a complete and elegant reflection, announced a wellness content partnership with Lululemon in January; Ambassador Gabby Bernstein teaches meditation classes as a serene avatar (if not Lizzo level guru) Mirror CEO and founder Brynn Putnam usually sees an increase in the frequency of exercise in the health-conscious new year, but this year the involvement of members has increased fivefold. "In the past few weeks, we've seen that people are twice as likely to buy a mirror compared to previous months," she explained in an email.

A behind-the-scenes look at Sky Ting TV, with co-founders Chloe Kernaghan and Krissy Jones. Courtesy of Sky Ting.

For New York yoga studio, Sky Ting, four months old video platform it's a saving grace, while its three locations face the coronavirus. (As of now, the studios remain open, with precautionary measures: props and BYO mattresses, with no practical adjustments, limited classes.) Co-founder Krissy Jones reported in an email that Sky Ting TV had achieved “many new customers ”This week, increasing the high numbers they had seen while on vacation. Still, as the studios empty, they care primarily about employees. "We are canceling some classes, prioritizing the teachers who most trust us," she wrote.

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