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Windows 10 May 2020 Update: Know what changes in the update

by Ace Damon
Windows 10 May 2020 Update: Know what changes in the update

Microsoft released the May 2020 Update, the newest update for Windows 10: also known as version 20H1 or 2004, it has been in preparation for over a year, and brings improvements in settings, search, Task Manager and even the subsystem Linux.

Unlike the November 2019 Update, which was closer to a service pack, Windows 10 2004 brings several new features; we list the main ones below.

What's new in Windows 10 2004 (May 2020 Update)

It is possible to restore Windows 10 by downloading a copy of the system, instead of using a recovery disc: Cloud Download gets the same version you are using (not the latest version) to avoid compatibility issues. It is something that has existed in macOS since the Lion version (when it was still called Mac OS X).

Windows search will get smarter: for example, the spell checker will understand commands with small typos, such as "powerpiont" and "excel;" and will know that you meant "powerpoint" and "excel".

The Windows search indexer should no longer be annoying on some PCs: it will lose priority or be shut down in specific cases. This will happen, for example, when the CPU usage exceeds 80%; when disk usage exceeds 70%; or when battery saver mode is activated.

The taskbar search will display four quick search options on the web: weather, top news, today in history, and new movies. This will appear in more than 10 countries, including the USA, India and China (but not in Brazil).

Cortana has changed: it is now a separate app in a window, offering a chat interface to perform tasks (such as adding items to a shopping list) and bringing information from the web.

Virtual desktops can be renamed: press Win + Tab, click on the name and enter whatever you want, including emojis. Upon restart, this desktop will remain active with the same name.

The Snip & Sketch app, for taking and editing prints, is able to capture the image of a specific window, instead of the entire screen; and allows zooming to help when leaving notes.

The Task Manager now shows the type of disk (SSD, for example) in the Performance tab, something useful for those who have more than one storage unit.

In addition, the Task Manager displays the video card temperature on the Performance tab:

Swift Pair is the fast Bluetooth pairing feature found on Microsoft devices such as the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard and Arc Mouse. Windows 10 did automatic recognition, but required the user to enter Settings to finish the process. This is now simpler: everything happens within a notification that displays the name of the device and its category (keyboard, headset) when possible.

The interface of the Network and Internet page in the settings has been updated: you can see what is connected and change the properties quickly. Windows 10 also makes it more explicit how much data each connection has used in the past thirty days.

Windows 10 already allows you to control the bandwidth used to download system updates, but only as a percentage of the total capacity. In version 20H1, it is possible to set a specific value in Mb / s by going to Update and Security> Delivery Optimization> Advanced options.

Language settings will make it easier to define a different language for Windows, apps and websites, keyboard and speech.

The Optional Features section now allows you to select multiple items and perform a search:

The text cursor can be configured in the accessibility options to be more visible, with greater thickness and different colors.

You can log in with a PIN instead of using your Microsoft account password when entering Windows 10 safe mode.

The Linux subsystem for Windows gets a new version: WSL 2 has higher performance and compatibility because it uses a Linux kernel; the first version had a Microsoft kernel that translated APIs from one system to another.

Originally published on February 28, 2020


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