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WikiLeaks Releases All Confidential Documents After Assange’s Arrest

by Ace Damon
WikiLeaks Releases All Confidential Documents After Assange's Arrest

After Assange’s arrest, WikiLeaks releases all confidential documents he had.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested on Thursday (11) in London after losing asylum to the Ecuadorian embassy.

One day after the action, the organization released all the documents it has.

This was an early promise from WikiLeaks that it would release everything it has if Assange were arrested.

The open directory has hundreds of files ranging from sensitive e-mail information (such as Hillary Clinton’s campaign) to cross-country negotiations.

About Brazil, there is data showing that then-Senator Roseana Sarney had investments in offshores.

Also on the list are videos and photos of US actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, where US soldiers use disproportionate force on the population.

Assange is accused of espionage and was arrested in London on a warrant issued by the Westminster Magistrates Court in 2012.

He is also charged with engaging in a spying action in collecting Pentagon documents in conjunction with cyber-conservative Chelsea Manning, in 2010.

Among the documents, was exactly this action of the country in Iraq that resulted in the killing of civilians and two Reuters journalists.

The journalist is in prison in London, but there is a request for extradition to the United States, where it is believed he will be effectively tried.

The complete documents are arranged in the WikiLeaks directory.

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