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Why PlayStation 5 Can Get A Bigger Focus On Multiplayer

by Ace Damon
Why PlayStation 5 Can Get A Bigger Focus On Multiplayer

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The Sony console continues to be more popular than its rival Xbox One; the trend may begin to change if the company does not change its strategies.

That’s why PlayStation 5 can get a much bigger focus on the ‘Multiplayer’ experience of its unique games.

In many cases, players end up making their buying option based on the unique games that PlayStation or Xbox have to offer.

PS4 exclusives focus almost exclusively on campaign (offline) modes.

This may start to cause users to lose interest. These ‘tracks’ were left by Shawn Layden, who recognized the focus of the PS4 exclusive in campaign mode, often leaving aside their ‘multiplayer’ offerings.

So it has revealed that this will be one of the areas of greater focus during the development of exclusive games for the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 will have exclusive games with a great focus on ‘Multiplayer’ mode Focusing on the online modes does not come with a great surprise.

The most popular games of the moment – Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends, etc. – are exclusively online. It has already been proven that gamers give significant preference to games that allow them to interact with other players online.

Besides, multiplayer games offer great possibilities for your monetization.

On the other hand, games that only feature ‘Campaign mode’ are extremely limited in terms of their monetization.

However, it is also important to highlight that one of the great highlights that have made games even more popular is cross-platform support.

Still, it seems that Sony is confident that exclusive games also have great potential. Finally, we also know that the company’s current strategy gives preference to “quality” instead of “quality.” So we may see fewer unique titles, especially since multiplayer focused games require much more maintenance.

PlayStation 5 will have a library of games never seen before.

During the beginning of 2019, there were already many rumors and leaks of information about the upcoming game console from Sony, the anticipated PlayStation 5.

Now a new patent comes to bring news that will make console fans extremely anxious!

This patent refers to a new technology that allows the processor (CPU) of a system to embody the behavior of a different CPU.

So you can run older software without any problem. Although no reference has been made to the PlayStation 5, the clues are impossible to hide.

So it is possible that PS5 will allow players to enjoy all the games that have been released in all previous versions, even PSX!

The PlayStation 5 will not give ‘Xbox Two’ a chance for its gaming offerings! As I said earlier, the clues are far too obvious.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. registered this patent and the inventors of the new technology are Mark Evan Cerny, Kenki Morishita, and Simon Pilgrim.

Hardcore fans of the Japanese company’s console certainly recognize these names. Mark Cerny is one of the main responsible in the development of the architecture of PS4 and PS Vita.

Meanwhile, Simon Pilgrim is Sony Computer Entertainment’s premier programmer in Europe. Thus, it is difficult not to believe that this new technology will be applied in the next console of the manufacturer.

Especially after having been proven on several occasions that Sony will give everything for everything to give no chance to the competition (Microsoft).

Finally, if the PlayStation 5 is fully compatible with PSX games, PS2, PS3, PS4, and even PSP and PSVita games. It seems to be the perfect console for all types of players.

It is hugely appealing not only for those looking for the most advanced games of the day. But also for lovers of vintage games.

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