When And When Not To Promote Other Marketers And Other Offers In The Emails To Your Subscribers

When And When Not To Promote Other Marketers And Other Offers In The Emails To Your Subscribers

Congratulations, you’re on your way to setting up an email subscriber opt-in list. This means that other people can find you and voluntarily sign up, register or opt-in to your email list and begin receiving emails from you. They can unsubscribe or leave your list whenever they want but when you build up these email subscribers, you have an easier time making money. Think about it. If you can write up one simple short email and send it to 100 people instantly, you have 100 people who might look at your offer. If you can send instead to 1,000 people or 5,000 or 10,000 people now your job is five or ten times easier.

But now the issue is what offers do you send to these subscribers, Specifically, can you only market your own offers or can you promote other affiliates, The answer is it’s perfectly okay to promote affiliates to your subscribers as long as they are complementary offers, as long as those subscribers have already bought from you and as long as you don’t abuse the privilege and overdo it.

How confusing would it be if you had built an email list in the real estate niche and you then promoted affiliate offers for basket weaving, It wouldn’t make sense. Those people who you collected for your list are known to be in a very specific niche. So if someone is in a real estate niche, you should be sending them real estate offers. If you have a product about real estate, you should look into what other affiliate offers you can promote as well.

But these people don’t have to be your competitors. These can be complementary offers and here’s what I mean. You want to have an introductory real estate course you want to share with your email subscribers and after they’ve bought or after they’ve seen what it’s all about, you may also promote a specific course about foreclosures that someone else has created that you have promoted or recommended as an affiliate.

The next thing I’d like to do also promote affiliate offers after they have bought from me. One of the neat things about having an email marketing list is that you can have multiple sub-lists. This means you can have one email marketing list for people who have not yet bought from you which you can use to promote your product and you have a separate sub-list of people who have bought your product. What happens is if someone comes to your site, joins your list, gets marketed to your product and only after they have bought your product now you will share these other complementary offers with them.

One thing to keep in mind when you are recommending affiliate offers is not to recommend too many people. Imagine if you recommended a different offer from a different marketer every day for a year, your subscribers would get overloaded. You wouldn’t have a lot of to say because there’s no way you could’ve possibly peruse every single course that you are recommending.

That’s why again, it’s okay to send several emails promoting your product and several emails promoting an affiliate product as long as you make sense and provide value. It’s perfectly okay to send 10 or 20 emails about the same offer if you say different things each time that people might want to hear. So when you’re marketing to your email subscriber list, send them complementary offers compared to yours, send them these affiliates emails after they have bought from you and don’t overdo it, have a consistent message every single day.