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What Trump Allies Are Saying About Impeachment

by Ace Damon
What Trump Allies Are Saying About Impeachment

Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York and Trump's lawyer, came out in defense of his clientRudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York and Trump's lawyer, came to his client's defense | Photo: Angela Weiss / AFP

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Under fire from Democrats in Congress, Republicans opted for the attack as a defense tactic. On Sunday, a team of advisers and advisers to President Donald Trump launched an offensive against the impeachment process. On Sunday TV shows, the president's allies, including his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, have targeted the anonymous complaint filed against Trump as their primary target.

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Giuliani was on the This Week show featuring ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos. Trump's personal lawyer, accused of being in charge of obtaining information about political rivals from foreign governments, called the complaint a "rumor" and said the president had fallen into a "trap" ridden by Democrats.

"I am defending my client to the best of my ability," said Giuliani. "We don't want to hurt Joe Biden. What we want to prove with these accusations is that Donald Trump has fallen into a Democrat-mounted trap."

Rep. Jim Jordan, one of Trump's most loyal allies in the House, chose CNN's State of the Union program to give his version of the case. Faced with host Jake Tapper, he defended the content of the conversation in which Trump tries to persuade Zelenski to investigate Biden. "He didn't do any of that. The conversation was taken out of context," he said.

Republican Senator Lindsay Graham attended CBS's Face the Nation show, where he said he saw nothing much in the conversation with Zelenski and also called the anonymous denunciation a "rumor." When warned by journalist Margaret Brennan that the information came out of the White House, Graham attacked the whistleblower. "Who are these people and what do they intend?" asked the senator. "Salem's witch hunt followed the due process much more than this."

Stephen Miller, one of the White House's most combative advisers, went through Chris Wallace's Fox News Sunday, and also chose to attack the whistleblower. "This individual (the whistleblower) is a saboteur who tries to undermine a democratically elected government," said Miller.


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