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What to expect from Frozen 2

by Ace Damon
What to expect from Frozen 2

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Frozen, 2013, was a billionaire phenomenon that not even Disney itself expected. Continuing the trend of throwing princesses into adventure films, which can appeal to both girls and boys (such as Rolled Up, for example), the film turned out to be the best-received production since the revival of the animation studio: it was the first cartoon to come out. hitting the $ 1 billion mark at the box office, won several awards such as the Oscars and Golden Globe and released the ubiquitous hit "Let it Go" – to give you an idea, Frozen's soundtrack sold 3 million copies and reigned during 23 straight weeks at the top of Billboard's bestselling albums.

With this phenomenon in hand, it was obvious that success would become a franchise – and in 2015, Frozen 2 was announced. After 6 years of waiting, and amid enigmatic trailers and rumors about what would be the next song to come to mind. From around the world, the movie finally opened in the US with record breaking: surpassing The Lion King, Frozen 2 became the biggest opening box office for an animation, with $ 350 million raised in its first weekend.

Here, the film only arrives in January, but SUPER has seen and brings some of the main news that promise to make this sequence as memorable as the original movie.


Elsa consecrates herself as a superhero

What to expect from Frozen 2

– (Disney / Reproduction)

In the sequel, Queen Elsa lives in peace with her sister Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven in the kingdom of Arendelle. But the appearance of a strange voice coincides with a supernatural attack on the kingdom, which eventually forces the population to leave.

The sisters understand that the voice is the key to the whole issue, and that they need to revisit an ancient enchanted forest to solve the mystery and save Arendelle. Halfway through, this leads them to a discovery about the origin of the protagonist's powers.

In this quest, Elsa stands as a true ice queen. Despite all the doubts and insecurities that surround her, she is strong, determined and courageous. Elsa fights several battles with nature spirits during the film, using her powers to beat wind, fire and an epic water dispute – a scene that caused a justified buzz when it appeared in the trailer.


Despite not having a girlfriend (something much desired by fans on social networks), she behaves like a strong and independent character, who does not need or even think about a romance. In a flashback scene, her child version even tells romantic Anna that "a kiss solves nothing." Elsa does believe in love, but it is the connection with her parents, her sister, the nature and welfare of the kingdom that completes it. This all makes her the first Disney superhero princess.

Epic soundtrack – and the new “Let It Go”

A good Disney musical is nothing without its original songs. And with the goal of being as successful as its predecessor, the studio brought together the same cast and crew of the original, headed by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez – all Broadway veterans – for a set of eight new songs.

The first good thing is that they are very well distributed among the characters: Queen Iduna, mother of the protagonists, as well as Olaf and Kristoff get solo to call their own. The latter even had a great repair: his original voice actor, Jonathan Groff, is an award-winning musical actor, having participated in the series Glee and several important montages such as Hamilton. Even so, her character didn't win any songs in the 2013 feature film. Now Kristoff's solo is a funky 1980s ballad – with a tacky music video and all.

Another highlight is that the whole soundtrack has an epic aura, worthy of Broadway musicals, that marries perfectly with the mystical tone, magic and nature spirits that shape the film. Numerous choirs, voices and backvocals make dramatic music even more dramatic.


And here we come to the most relevant question of all this: the new "Let It Go". Playing a hit is extremely difficult, so the producers decided to overeat it: instead of one, Elsa has two great solos potentially eligible for the best original song Oscar – “Into the Unknown” and “Show Yourself”.

In the first, Elsa sings to the unknown beyond Arendelle after hearing a mysterious voice calling her toward the enchanted forest and perhaps her true destination. The second is sung during the protagonist's personal journey, when she is finally about to discover the truth behind the whole story of her powers. Although “Show Yourself” is far more epic, “Into the Unknown” is less heavy and seems to be the studio favorite. So much so that just as Demi Lovato's version helped popularize “Let It Go”, Disney chose the band Panic! At The Disco to make a great pop-rock version of the queen's first solo.

And here is the addendum: the Portuguese version of the two songs is great!

Political subplot

What to expect from Frozen 2

– (Disney / Reproduction)


Believe me, the story of “Frozen 2” addresses historical redress and even issues related to the global climate crisis (warning: from here, the text contains spoiler, go at your own risk). The film begins with the princesses' father telling the story of how he had known as a child an enchanted forest near the kingdom, where nature spirits were alive and connected with the native tribe of Northuldra.

At that moment Arendelle's royals had gone to the forest to celebrate a peace agreement with that people. The sisters' father traveled to the forest with Elsa's grandfather and Anna, the then king, to present Northuldra with a dam, apparently a peace gift that would control the water and help the people. But something went wrong on the visit: for a reason the girls' father is unaware of, the two people who were celebrating together began a bloody battle.

According to their grandfather, the Northuldra attacked Arendelle. The spirits of nature have been disgusted with the situation and cover with impenetrable mist the forest where the natives lived.

Decades later, Elsa, Anna and company enter the place guided by the voice in the queen's head, and the sisters discover the truth about the crimes of their ancestors. The dam was not a gift but an act of sabotage designed to damage the tribe's lands. The grandfather attacked a cold-blooded Northuldra leader when his royal plan was discovered and it was in response to this that the enchanted forest closed down.

While they are there, Anna and Elsa also discover another twist: they are kind of Northuldran. Their mother was a member of the tribe who saved their father during the battle, escaped with him from the forest, and eventually married him.


Of course, all of this, in fact, criticizes man's actions – the dam is not a salvation, it holds the freedom of the waters and damages the ecosystem. In addition, it was the “civilized people” that ended up attacking the natives, not the other way around, which is also a criticism of the US history of formation itself. In the end, Frozen 2 is a beautiful movie for children that ends up sending a message from great people.

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