What Is A Home Study Course,

What Is A Home Study Course,

If you sell any kind of digital products or information online, there are pretty much two kinds of products.

Small one-off products such as digital reports and home study courses which are larger, more helpful, more involved, higher priced, and contain mixed modalities such as a blend of video, audio, and written materials. A home study course is pretty much a classroom in a box where someone begins with an end goal in mind and consumes the various modules in this classroom to get to the end. A home study course can contain a manual, video and worksheet, and adds extra perceived value even special tasks or assignments someone should be taking after learning from your training.

It’s much more helpful to provide someone an entire curriculum to reach an end goal. For example, if you were trying to teach someone how to stop smoking, then the end goal would be for them to not be smoking at the end of 7 days or 14 days. Someone might just sell a report, explaining a few steps on how to do it, and say good luck you’re done. But if you set up a course, if you set up different modules where someone could master a very basic skill such as concentration, master another skill such as self-control. Take another module of throwing away unhealthy items or foods, and so on, until they reach the end goal. You now have a much more powerful offer, and can explain it much better to someone who needs your help.

In addition when you are selling a home study course, instead of just a report, you can allow your customers or students to consume the content in the way that want to. What I mean by that is you can record a video, get the video transcribed into a report, and also have a checklist or worksheet at the end of that report so that someone can watch the video for the first viewing, having the report for a reference, and then take on that checklist or worksheet when it’s time to actually take action.

There is nothing wrong with providing the same information in different formats, because different people prefer different ways of learning.

Finally, instead of just teaching people something, you should tell them what to do. If you already have a report, whether you had someone else make it for you or you made it yourself, it’s very important to at least give someone an assignment or action after the end of your course or preferably at the end of every chapter or module. Even something as simple as a couple of sentences telling them what to do next, telling them to begin a certain meditation exercise to prevent smoking, or even have some kind of numbered checklist. Maybe have a daily routine they should begin undertaking based on what you’ve taught them.

If you’re thinking about selling information products online, digital products are great to get a few first customers, to get some initial sales but if you want the big money create a home study course. Make it a classroom in a box which combines a written manual, a video, a worksheet, and even assignments at the end to add perceived value.