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What deals Bolsonaro wants to close on China visit

by Ace Damon
What deals Bolsonaro wants to close on China visit

After visiting Japan, President Jair Bolsonaro arrives on Thursday (24) in China, the country that most imports Brazilian products in the world. Ideological differences manifested before the inauguration are no longer taken into account, and the Chinese government is one of the most frequent foreign interlocutors of the Brazilian authorities. Bolsonaro's agenda in China contemplates this closer relationship.

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A set of agreements between Brazil and China should be signed during the visit. Three areas will be the main focuses, according to Itamaraty: expansion and diversification of Chinese imports, attraction of investments to Brazil and cooperation in science and technology.

Bolsonaro entourage programming in China

Also on Thursday, Bolsonaro will attend a dinner hosted by the president of the São Paulo State Federation of Industries (Fiesp), Paulo Skaf, with Brazilian and Chinese businessmen.

The main event on Bolsonaro's agenda in China will take place on Friday (25). A business conference organized by Apex Brasil (Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency), with the participation of Bolsonaro and Brazilian and Chinese ministers, will serve to establish trade negotiations.

On Friday morning, the opening of the conference will feature speeches by Bolsonaro, Foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo, and Chief Minister of the Civil House, Onyx Lorenzoni. The Minister of Agriculture, Tereza Cristina, will make a presentation also in the morning.

In the afternoon, Onyx Lorenzoni will give a talk on infrastructure investments in Brazil. He and other members of government will meet with Chinese officials and business people to publicize investment opportunities. Friday's agenda will close with a dinner involving officials and businessmen from both countries.

See the main topics that will be discussed at the meetings on Thursday and Friday.

Expansion and diversification of exports, especially agricultural

According to Ambassador Reinaldo de Almeida Salgado, one of Brazil's main interests in trade with the Chinese is to diversify agricultural exports. Not surprisingly, Minister of Agriculture Tereza Cristina landed in China days before Bolsonaro's arrival.

Currently, soy is the product that Brazil exports most to China. Speaking to Folha de S.Paulo, Tereza Cristina stated that Brazil and China are close to signing a sanitary protocol for the exportation of fruits. China would import Brazilian melon and export pears to Brazil.

Chinese authorities would also be interested in importing Brazilian ethanol. According to the newspaper, the minister says that a working group between the two countries should be set up soon to discuss this possibility.

In addition, China is studying to release meat imports from dozens of Brazilian meatpackers, which would mean an increase in the amount of meat exported by Brazil to the Chinese.

Attracting investments in infrastructure, railways, 5G and tourism

One of the main focuses of Bolsonaro's entourage in China will be to show the possibilities of infrastructure investment in Brazil. Onyx Lorenzoni will be primarily responsible for this task, especially during Friday's business conference.

On Tuesday (22), still visiting Japan, Brazilian Foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo said he sees China as an important investment partner in infrastructure. "It is a useful and useful presence for us," he said. In July, Araújo had already said that China is keenly interested in the Bolsonaro government's concession, privatization and bidding projects.

Investments in the rail sector will be an important point of the talks. President Bolsonaro has said he wants to honor railroads during his tenure. In August, he signed the North-South railway concession contract, which covers a stretch of more than 1,500 kilometers between São Paulo and Tocantins.

Also in terms of infrastructure, a partnership between the two countries in 5G network technology is expected. It is likely that Brazil will adopt the 5G technology developed by Chinese company Huawei. But it is unlikely that 5G will be dealt with in depth during this visit, as the adoption of a technology is still under discussion in Brazil.

Moreover, according to Reinaldo Salgado, the tourism field may also trigger Chinese infrastructure investments in Brazil. "Tourism infrastructure will certainly represent opportunities for Chinese investors. Just as you have Malaysians who own hotel chains in Brazil, there are also opportunities in the tourism infrastructure sector," says the ambassador.

Cooperation in science and technology, especially in the energy field

The two countries discuss cooperation in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector. Salgado says there is hope that the governments of Brazil and China will soon enter into a partnership in this visit or during the BRICS Summit.

The Brazilian government also hopes to sign an agreement with the Chinese for scientific exchange with young researchers.

Bolsonaro in China: Xi Jinping to repay with trip to Brazil

According to Reinaldo de Almeida Salgado, Secretary of Bilateral Negotiations in Asia, Pacific and Russia, Bolsonaro's visit to China culminates "a very intense bilateral calendar of high-level visits that took place between Brazil and China this year, which prove the dynamism of the relationship "between the two countries.

In May, Vice President Hamilton Mourão was in China for the meeting of the Sino-Brazilian High Level Commission for Concertation and Cooperation (Cosban). Throughout the year, several members of the Bolsonaro government held meetings with Chinese officials.

In addition, Chinese President Xi Jinping is due to attend the BRICS Summit, which will take place in Brasilia on November 13 and 14.


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