What Content And How Often To Post That Content To The Web

What Content And How Often To Post That Content To The Web

If you want any amount of traiffic or credibility on the internet you need to have lots of content spread out across various sites. The good news is there are plenty of sites who are eager, in fact begging, for you to post your articles, blog posts and thoughts, and you can easily set up your own sites to hold your content.

You need to consistently be making forum posts, blog posts, and write auto-responder emails to guarantee you get consistent traffic.

A very easy place for you to speak your mind about any topic is on what’s called a Message Board, Discussion Board, or a Forum. Sure, there are groups and there are areas on sites like Facebook to discuss a particular topic, but there have always been complete sites dedicated to one singlular topic. Anything from teaching your parrot how to talk to how to lose weight to dog obedience.

There are discussion boards around any subject and all you have to do is do a Google search for the name of your niche, and the word “forum”.

Look at a few results in the first page and see which of these sites get posted to over and over. These are the sites where you should hang out, and establish yourself as a credible source in this field. You do this for two reasons. First, you get back links, you get links back to your site from your forum posts and you are getting your name out there so if you put out a book about how to train your dog and someone searched your name they see you have posted all over these sites.

You also want people to come back to your site, right. That is why you should reserve your best content for your blog. There is nothing wrong with you answering a forum post and maybe giving the short response on the forum, but then providing the longer response on your own site in a well-thoughtout blog post. This way people can see your replies on forums and if they like what you are all about, if they like your advice, and they like you they will click over to your blog, read it, and view your content there.

What is the point of getting someone over to your site,

You want to add them to your following or your email list. That is why you should get yourself an email auto-responder. You can get a free one at MailChimp.com, and a paid one at Aweber.com.

What you can do now is add a newsletter sign up form to your blog, and when someone likes the blog posts you make they can sign up for your list and get notified about new blog posts you make.

The final type of writing you should make are these reminders, these auto-responder emails that every few days simply send people back to your site. You might send them back to comment on an old blog post, a new blog post, or just click on any link that you happen to have for them which may include an affiliate link or a link to one of your products.

Those are the reasons why you should consistently post content to the web, so that people can find you and recognize you as an expert on a forum, click over to your blog and get more information, and finally sign up to your email newsletter to get regular updates.