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Vivo Announces iQOO 5G, Its First Smartphone Compatible With 5G

by Ace Damon
Vivo Announces iQOO 5G, Its First Smartphone Compatible With 5G

The iQOO 5G has just been officially announced, the first 5G commercial phone to live.

The company plans to launch the phone sometime in the next three months and although it has not revealed much about specifications, it has talked in detail about the challenges of 5G, as well as addressing the battery charging of the phone, which can be done with a 120W charger.

The Vivo iQOO 5G uses a Snapdragon 855 chipset connected to an external X50 modem, as do the most current 5G phones.

This type of connection requires four antennas, and 4G needs two antennas. Combined with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is a total of eight – and it was a big challenge to find room for them and avoid interference.

That’s not all: Having an external modem makes the motherboard bigger. And as the 5G requires more power, the Vivo could not reduce the battery just to compensate and had to design a complicated 3D layout.

All in all, the phone was connected to a 5G network for one day and its battery was at 70%. According to Qin Fei, director of the 5G Live Center, 5G networks will reduce latency, allow more devices to connect to a network, and allow carriers to increase data limits.

Latency in next-generation networks can be reduced by 10 ms, which will be a boon to streaming services and Augmented Reality applications (such as Pokémon Go).

As for data limits, Qin Fei believes operators will significantly increase users’ data subsidies – from 20 GB to 1 TB for the largest data plans. Data speeds can be 5-10 times greater at 5G than at 4G. And as a 5G cell can support more connected devices simultaneously, future things internet devices can connect directly to the network instead of needing a bridge.

The 120W charging is also a great highlight and can appear on the device. According to the Chinese, it promises to charge 50% of a 4,000 mAh battery in five minutes. A full charge takes 13 minutes.

It is not clear, however, whether this will even officially kick off.

Together with the smartphone, the augmented reality glasses, also present in the video above, were also part of the ad. Called AR live, they use two 720p screens and offer 6 degrees of optical freedom.

The accessory can display games, 3D videos and be used in a professional environment, all connected to the phone and without the need for a computer. If these glasses will come with the smartphone in the box, it is another mystery. The company promises more details until launch.

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