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Venom – Movie Review

by Ace Damon
Venom - Movie Review

Venom is sitting at around thirty percent on Rotten Tomatoes, critics just did not like this movie and I can totally see why.

30 percent on Rotten Tomatoes seems not right, the story was not that great and they had some flaws but this was a fun movie, I had popcorn in one hand a sword in the other and before I knew it was all gone because I had a blast, Venom looked great, the CGI on him is just immaculate but in terms of the symbiote itself, when it doesn’t have a host, that is kind of weak and it kind of reminded me of the smoke monster from Lost.

Venom - Movie Review

There are some comedy moments that land here and there but a lot of the comedy will be cringy to many viewers, it doesn’t feel organic at all if fired up in the wrong moment, and because most of the comedy involves Eddie Brock’s interaction with Venom.

Tom Hardy is a solid solid actor, in a few movies, like The Dark Knight Rises, he is flawless and also this other movie called Locke. I think that his portrayal of Brock didn’t quite fit for me during all the movie scenes, because he played him as this really awkward loser of a guy, but at the same time, he’s this investigative reporter. I liked maybe 80% of his performance. Rest are shadows of doubts I had.

He has this lawyer girlfriend in Michelle Williams who, by the way, if you’ve heard any other reviewers plenty of them are saying – oh my god Michelle Williams was wasted – not a chance.

If you had a much less talented actress playing that role you wouldn’t get over it so, the interactions with Eddie Brock and Venom were quite good, there was a lot of comedic moments that just didn’t land on the moment and you notice that more often if you’re kind of laughing at the fact that how terrible a joke is.

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This Venom can easily fit in with Tom Hollands spider-man if the MCU decides to go ahead and make a movie with this Venom it would be great, such a good look man with that kind of slimy wet look.

What concerns me more is that the villain was really weak and I mean, this is not a spoiler, but you all know that the main villain in this movie is another symbol, what I didn’t like is that they actually used this villains name.

Maybe a lot of you are not gonna care about that but I just thought it was a little weird that they did it like that.

Another weakness this movie had was the reason why venom decides to be a superhero in this movie, it’s it’s not convincing, it doesn’t feel organic, it’s it’s hard to buy.

It was a below-average comic-book movie but it was a fun one.

Let’s get a little into spoilers:

There’s a part where Venom tells Eddie Brock after they just both climbed the tallest skyscraper and they’re at the top of the skyscraper, he tells him to jump. As you’re watching the movie you’ll see that had Eddie jumped off of the building Venom, the symbiote, would have kicked in.

This scene style is all deja-vu, he would have made me Venom thrown out one of those black tentacles and he would have hung off a building safe.

And then the reason why Venom wanted to end up staying on earth: was his quote – he says “I’m beginning to like you, you and I are not that different.”

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Venom is this badass assassin type, where Eddie Brock is just not like that. Where are the similarities?

I wish that we first had some introduction to him, a little bit of background, it’s not a bad movie, it’s fun and this Venom could definitely fit in an MCU movie with Spider-man, only if the MCU handles this.

“Venom” may be a Marvel movie, but this guy isn’t your kid-friendly hero. Simply put, “Venom” is the origin story of one of the brand’s most famous anti-heroes, a liquid alien using human hosts to survive. Lovely.

Venom - Movie Review

Once the two bond, the human gets super-strength and a nice voice in the head telling him what to do. In this flick, Eddie Brock — Tom Hardy — is a journo wanting to take down a power-hungry scientist, Carlton Drake, ending up possessed by Venom in the process.

At first, Brock resists the alien then realizes, “Hey, these skills could come in handy.” At the heart of “Venom,” though, are questions about what is best for humanity and why we crave control of our future. With Drake saying we’re one generation away from extinction, that God has forgotten us, he believes scientists need to step in, make humans better and secure our future.

And it kinda shows us what happens when we lose trust in God’s sovereignty.

Aimed at comic book fans and Marvel die-hards, thankfully, “Venom” isn’t as scary as the trailer makes out. But with the remaining violence and the definite ick factor, it’s enough to make you think twice.


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