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U.S. officials say Russia interferes in elections to help Trump …

by Ace Damon
U.S. officials say Russia interferes in elections to help Trump ...

US intelligence officials have warned that Russia is acting to help President Donald Trump and Democratic pre-candidate Bernie Sanders ahead of the November presidential election, according to American media.

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Bernie Sanders was warned by officials that Russia is trying to help its campaign for the party's nomination as part of an effort to interfere with the Democratic race, people with knowledge of the matter told the Washington Post on Friday. President Trump and congressmen were also told about Russian aid to Sanders, according to the Post.

The revelation comes a day after reports in the American press that U.S. intelligence believes Moscow is interfering to help President Donald Trump in the 2020 elections.

Sanders confirmed that his team received information about Russia's actions about a month ago and condemned Moscow's attempts to interfere in the American elections. "It was not clear what their role was. We were told that Russia, perhaps other countries, will be involved in this campaign, and that is the message for Russia: stay away from the American elections," said Sanders, according to CNN.

The leftist pre-candidate also said that Russia is trying to divide the country. "This is what they did in 2016 and it is the ugliest thing they are doing – they are trying to cause chaos, they are trying to promote hatred in the United States," he said.

A New York Times report published on Thursday said U.S. intelligence officials had warned MPs that Russia is interfering in this country's presidential election in favor of Trump.

The Republican is said to have been irritated by the officials' decision to share this information with members of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, fearing that Democrats could use this fact to harm him in the elections, according to the report.

Trump called the claim that Russia was interfering in his favor "farce". "Another disinformation campaign is being launched by Democrats in Congress," he said on Twitter.

Voting Eve

The news of Russia's alleged support for Sanders was released the day before the Democratic preview in Nevada, which will take place on Saturday. Sanders should take first place among the candidates in this caucus, according to research.

One of his rival took advantage of the news to criticize Sanders on the eve of the caucus. Michael Bloomberg's campaign tweeted: "This is an easy one for the Russians. Either they name the weakest candidate to face their Trump puppet, or they elect a socialist president."


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