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Trump Leans Into Corruption, Decides to Host G7 at Trump Doral

by Ace Damon
Trump Leans Into Corruption, Decides to Host G7 at Trump Doral

Faced with a growing investigation into impeachment and the consequences of a disastrous capitulation to Turkey, not to mention years of criticism for covering taxpayers' own pockets, most people would probably try to stay ahead of corruption, at least for now. . And then you have Donald Trump, who apparently researched the scene – the one where his government literally admitted extorting another country for political gain – and decided that f-k, let's take a break.

On Thursday, this implied advertising At next year's G7 summit, an event that attracts hundreds of diplomats, security personnel and reporters, will be held at the president's own Miami golf resort, the bug-infested Trump Doral.

Pressured by the obvious conflicts of interest inherent in holding a massive government event that attracts worldwide attention at one of Trump's for-profit clubs, chief of staff Mick Mulvaney initially tried to claim that the government sought other locations and none of them worked. why some places have higher altitudes and why June is apparently a notoriously difficult month to plan an event. "There are so many other good places in this country to hold a big event, no doubt about it," Mulvaney said reporters, pretending that the White House would not always choose the president's own resort.

"Some of the limitations, we wanted a specific time, we wanted in early June, which limits a bit," Mulvaney explained. "So there are … there are difficulties going to various places. Some places don't have the transportation you need. I mean there was a place, I won't tell you where we were, we would have to find out if we would have oxygen tanks for the participants because So, yes, there are limitations elsewhere. We think about the 12 places we looked at, and you would recognize their names if we said what they were, which [Trump Doral] was by far the best choice. " someone was working with the impression that Trump didn't have the idea, which was the president's suggestion to host the event at his resort.

But what about the notion of, you know, the president raising a big chunk of change simply because he has the power to fill his own pockets, reporters thought. What about? Trump "Won't Be Profiting Here," Mulvaney claimednaturally failing to explain how this would work or when a man who once declared, "My whole life I've been greedy, greedy, greedy" received a personality transplant. Okay, but what about the prospect of hosting the event, asked a cheeky Fox News reporter. Oh, well, the president has been working on it in therapy, and apparently now he's at peace with being known as an unrepentant con artist. "He got over it a long time ago," Mulvaney said. And the fact that hosting the G7 will bring invaluable advertising to a struggling property – net operating revenue between 2015 and 2017. supposedly fell 69% – that a company tax advisor described as "severely underperforming"? Mulvaney is unaware of such issues, or how hosting the G7 would be a big boost to property results. "Donald Trump's brand is strong as it is," he insisted. "It's the most recognized name in the English language."

Strangely, these arguments did not go very well outside the White House, where citizens of Washington's Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics government said in a statement: “This is unbelievable. Given the possible consequences that the president faces for abusing the presidency for his own benefit, we would have thought that he would avoid flagrant corruption, at least temporarily; instead he doubled over. The president is now officially using the power of his office to help sustain his struggling golf business. "



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