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Top Places To Visit In Finland

by Ace Damon
Top Places To Visit In Finland

Top 24 places to visit in Finland It is an increasingly trendy destination, especially for those who enjoy the cold and snow.

Finland It’s an increasingly fashionable destination, and it’s not just the immense snow that falls here in the winter.

Finland is rich in natural landscapes and tourist attractions of all kinds.

The points of interest to visit are many and varied.

Finland is a Nordic country, situated in the north of Scandinavia and bordering Russia (east), Norway (north) and Sweden (north-west). It is a perfect holiday destination for skiers and nature lovers.

Cross-country skiing in Koli National Park and alpine skiing at Levi Resort (Kittila) are great ways to see what Finland is best for those who visit.

After the sun goes down, the aurora borealis fill the Lapa sky, and you get an even more incredible view.

These are the best places to visit in Finland.

1. Helsinki Cathedral


Helsinki is the capital of Finland. The Finnish Parliament, the National Museum and the Kiasma, a museum of modern art, are in Helsinki.

Visitors to the Finnish capital will fall in love with Mannerheimintie, the city’s main street, as it is a site full of cultural attractions.

In the Finnish capital, there is also the beautiful Uspenski Cathedral, a red brick structure built in the 19th century.

2. Espoo


Espoo, which is a 20-minute drive from Helsinki, is the second largest city in Finland.

There is a significant (and magnificent) amount of culture in this Finnish settlement, including excellent museums and monuments.

Espoo also has the Nuuksio National Park, an immense and breathtaking natural space with forests and Edenic lakes.

3. Hameenlinna


In Hameenlinna there is the Torronsuo National Park (known for the diversity and prevalence of bird life) and fantastic museum facilities such as the Finnish Artillery Museum and the Skogster Museum.

Hämeenlinna also has beautiful historic houses, such as the house where the famous composer Jean Sibelius was born.

4. Imatra


Kruununpuisto Park, the oldest national park in all of Finland, offers a beautiful view of nature right in the center of Imatra.

Multiple museums, many historic houses, a thriving Cultural Center and extraordinary buildings available for tourists to explore make this city an utterly charming place.

Imatra is truly captivating.

5. Jyvaskyla


Jyvaskyla is home to two sites listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site: Petajavesi, a unique and beautiful wooden Lutheran church, built in the mid-eighteenth century; and a nineteenth-century research station called the Oravivuori Triangulation Tower, which was created to try to determine the size and curvature of the Earth.

6. Kemi It lies at the northern tip of the Bay of Bothnia in Finnish Lapland.

Kemi is an Arctic city and is one of the wintry wonders. It houses the Snow Castle, a splendorous seasonal attraction, open from January to April, which has beautiful tunnels, rooms, walkways and sculptures (all made entirely on ice).

7. Kittila


Kittila is a famous tourist town.

At Levi Resort guests can ski or snowboard on the beautiful mountain slopes and, in the evenings from September to April, can catch a glimpse of the fascinating and supernatural phenomenon of the aurora borealis, in which there are shades of green, pink, yellow and violet in the night sky.

8. Koli National Park


Koli National Park Throughout the year, the Koli National Park offers a breathtaking view of Scandinavian nature.

Lake Pielinen is an excellent option for those who love kayaking.

Other attractions in the Koli National Park include caves, waterfalls and, in warmer months, fields filled with beautiful wildflowers.


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