Tips On How To Get Back Your Ex
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Tips On How To Get Back Your Ex

After a breakup more often than not the only thing on your mind is what went wrong and trying to figure out how to get back your ex. These thoughts can consume you if you let them. They can run around and around in your head and drive you practically crazy, but you don’t have to let that happen. There are some things that you can start doing that might just convince your ex that getting back together is a great idea.

A very common mistake people make is to try sneaky, childish thing to get their ex back, like trying to make their ex jealous. Unless you’re in 5th grade, you should skip the games and be a grown up. Be honest and sincere and that way no matter what happens you will have your dignity intact.

One of the best things to do in the early days of a breakup is to give your ex space. If you come off as desperate you will just make your ex mad. You will also be sending them a clear signal that you will be waiting for them to do whatever they want to do. If your ex hasn’t completely made up their mind if they really do want the breakup to be permanent, you will give them a great excuse for finding out.

As long as they know that you are waiting in the wings, they can go out and date or do whatever they want knowing that if it doesn’t work out you’re still in the background. They may not do that to be mean, it’s just human nature.

After a little time has gone by, contact your ex and tell them that you still care and you would like to see if the two of you can make things work out. At this point they will either say yes, they’d like to try again, or no, not interested.

If they say no you have to be willing to walk away. There is always a chance that they might still change their mind but if you act like a freak, you could scare them off forever.

If, on the other hand, they want to meet make sure that you are clear headed and calm. The last thing you want to do at this point it to get mad and start fighting. If you do, you’ll just convince your ex that breaking up was the smart thing to do and it’s very unlikely you’ll ever get back together.

Just keep these things in mind if you want to know how to get back your ex. Every relationship is different but these are good general rules to follow.