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This lost “puppy” is actually an endangered species

by Ace Damon
This lost “puppy” is actually an endangered species

The puppy was found in a family's backyard in Australia – and now researchers have found it to be a dingo.

By Maria Clara Rossini


Nov 6, 2019, 6:03 pm – Posted on Nov 6, 2019, 6:00 pm



(wandi_dingo / Instagram)

Animal lovers are already used to finding stray dogs on the street and taking them home or shelter. But imagine discovering that little animal is not really a dog. This is what happened in the city of Wandiligong, Australia. A DNA test revealed that this animal in the picture is a dingo.

The puppy was found in August by locals. The family heard a cry near the house and thought it was a dog. The next day, the animal was taken to the veterinary hospital, where the DNA test was performed. The result showed that the puppy is 100% Australian Dingo.

There were no signs of other adult dingoes or puppies in the area. The animal found had claw marks and scratches on its back, which makes researchers consider it to have been caught by an eagle and fallen near the city.

Dingoes are related to domestic dogs and wolves. All are part of the genre Kennelsbut dingo is very different from the dog you have at home. He is wild, and considered Australia's main land predator. Their food is made up of rabbits, kangaroos, cattle, mice and other small animals.

The species is threatened with extinction as livestock farmers consider the dingos a pest. These animals are constantly threatened by hunting and even the government has already promoted animal eradication programs.

The puppy was named Wandi and even earned an Instagram profile. He is living in Australian Dingos Foundation, which acts in the protection of the species. Cute face and popularity on social networks are used to raise awareness about the importance of preserving dingos.

Wandi was a particularly rare discovery. When DNA test results came in, the researchers were shocked. Most animals found are hybrids with domestic dogs, but Wandi is the purest dingo.

For now, Wandi's only concern is to play with the other cubs at the conservation center, but soon he will be able to join the breeding program. The Foundation has about 40 dingoes in the program, which aims to keep the lineage alive so that animals can return to live in the wild.

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