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This lens for the smartphone zooms 1000x and has good price! (video)

by Ace Damon
This lens for the smartphone zooms 1000x and has good price! (video)

A small lens that attaches to your smartphone's main lens can create photos like you've never seen them. With a 1000x zoom this small lens is a true microscope you will want to have.

Priced at just € 35 at Amazon Spain, the gadget can create unique photos. In addition, you'll be able to see the smallest details that go completely unnoticed by the naked eye.

Tipscope is the lens that promises unique photos

The video shows us how it all works. Be aware that this zoom lens is not suitable for "normal" photography. That is, this is a super Macro lens. Incidentally, the makers of Tipscope say that the lens plays the same role as a microscope.

How this lens works for your smartphone

You first need an Android smartphone (4.2 or higher) or an iPhone (iOS 8.x or higher). Download the gadget application and place the lens near the main camera of your smartphone.

If your device has multiple cameras you will need to consider attaching the gadget to the main lens. This is usually the one that has the most Megapixels and that turns on primarily when you turn on the camera app. After that you just have to see the world like never before.

The project was in kickstarter, however, it seems that they have obtained the necessary funding to be able to put the product for sale.

You can buy the Tipscope lens for just € 35 from Amazon Spain. Buying from Amazon is simple and you have no problem with customs. In addition, since it is above 30 € you will not pay shipping.

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