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Things To Know Before Watching ‘Venom’

by Ace Damon
Things To Know Before Watching 'Venom'

The film premieres this Thursday in theaters

Tom Hardy returns on Thursday (04) to the big screen in Venom, the new film of the seal Marvel that approaches this time a darker side of comics. Tom lives the reporter Eddie Brock, who, following a bizarre story, ends up infected with the alien symbiote, a violent, uncontrollable organism with an appetite for destruction on a global level. In other words, it’s not exactly a quiet case of parasites.

Here is what you need to know before deciding to watch and, yes, we recommend you to think hard about this decision:

The film adds nothing to Marvel’s cinematic universe.

Out of the collaboration between Disney and Sony in such films as the recent Avengers and Spider-Man: Homecoming, Venom is even in a vacuum.

There is no Tom Holland, no villains of the head of the web, no tips for future Marvel movies that come out of the scope of the symbiote. To be honest, there is not even a mention of the Daily Bugle. Stan Lee‘s traditional surprise appearance seems a bit out of place.

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If your concern is to follow even the thinning of the Avenger’s skein, it does not hurt to even skip this movie.

If you feel like leaving the room in the middle of the movie, do not worry about losing something.

We can argue that unlike Logan, for example, Venom suffers too much from the distance of the rest of the Marvel universe; that without the relationship between Peter Parker and Eddie Brock, everything that the symbiont does loses a little of the vine. Maybe you agree or disagree, even because in the comics Venom has gone from villain to anti-hero to villain again.

But instead, let’s talk about a super interesting moment of the film. Soon after the first chase scene, the film begins to flirt with a plot that combines Michael Mann’s Collateral with body horror doses: Venom has a definite and cruel purpose, and a downtrodden Eddie Brock is just the ‘driver’. Would not that be a cool format for such a movie?

But unfortunately we give up quickly of the idea, and after a sudden change of papers, adopts the warmest end possible for a hero movie. If you remember the origin of the villain in the comics and try to guess what happens in the end, you’re likely to hit it right.

Things To Know Before Watching 'Venom'

Tickets are expensive, your free time is limited, but if you feel like leaving the room, you really are not missing much.

There are two post-credit scenes …

.. but no, they do not bring anything interesting to the cinematic universe to suggest a sequel to Venom, which is old news for anyone who is already following the nerd news. One of them, alright, is a super fun teaser of Spider-Man, long animation focused on Miles Morales. Very good, but you can wait until January to see the whole thing.

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The casting choices are amazing

Tom Hardy makes a good Eddie Brock, crude, not exactly smart and inclined to sensationalism. He did well, even with a script full of bad jokes and monotonous action scenes.

On the other hand, Riz Ahmed, a triumph in Nightcrawler and Four Lions, is wasted in the role of a villain without the slightest trace of subtlety. Michelle Williams makes the traditional love interest with a little too passive participation in the plot. By the time Woody Harrelson appears, we were already too numb to even regret.


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