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The TV Of The Future: The First OLED Roll-Up TV

by Ace Damon
The TV Of The Future The First OLED Roll-Up TV

LG announces the TV of the future with the first OLED TV roll-up!

LG Electronics (LG) has defined in the CES the next generation of televisions with the presentation of the first OLED television that unfolds.

The LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R (model 65R9) redefines the TV in a flexible format, only possible thanks to industry-leading OLED technology.

More than a show of engineering mastery, LG’s amazing product can boast of its picture quality and unique sound with a flexible format that gives viewers an infinite number of possibilities to choose the perfect viewing dimension.

Since the beginning of the modern era, television screen sizes have been steadily increasing in size as resolution has improved and consumers have been demanding a more immersive viewing experience.

The price to pay was the presence of a large black rectangle, which required its presence in the room, even when the TV was not in use.

Also, more sophisticated projectors have never been able to provide the contrast or black intensity required by consumers.

In an effort to make large TVs less intrusive, manufacturers have been competing in the creation of ever thinner screens, focusing on ever more thoughtful designs.

With the presentation last year of the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W, LG has altered the traditional concept of television, focusing on the simplicity of the screen.

Dubbed ‘wallpaper TV’, LG has proven that a TV can simultaneously be synonymous with performance, subtlety, and beauty.

The brand’s latest efforts drive the feat to a whole new level.

LG has created a television with a screen that appears and disappears as if it were magic – a revolutionary evolution that seems to defy logic.

The “R” in the new LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R mirrors the “revolution” in home entertainment, the “redefinition” of space by its ability to roll up and unwind at the touch of a button.

An unfolding OLED TV is something truly innovative, which frees users from the limitations of a wall giving it the freedom to organize your personal space so that it is no longer permanently reserved for television viewing.

The fact that LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R has the ability to transform, offering three different viewing options – Full View, Line View, and Zero View – allows the use of the television in ways that were impossible until the development of OLED technology.




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