The Simple Beauty Of A Wedding Sand Ceremony
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The Simple Beauty Of A Wedding Sand Ceremony

A modern-day wedding sand ceremony is just about the best things that a couple of lovers could perform during their wedding ceremony. While it hasn’t really been seen all that much in popular culture, so far, it’s a safe bet that it won’t be all that long before it is commonplace at wedding ceremonies. It is a sweet and lovely alternative to unity candle lighting ceremonies. It is another way of illustrating the intimacy that the new couple will be sharing together. Why are these types of ceremonies so vital, It’s because the give additional meaning to the relationship. In other words, the marriage is what the couple makes of it, and by taking any extra steps to solidify their union, they give it more importance. Without that, a marriage is nothing more than a legal document.

Though it is growing in popularity, where the sand ceremony originated is anybody’s guess. However, that doesn’t change how meaningful the ceremony itself is. In a way, the fact that it’s national origins remain unknown is a good thing. Why, Because it makes it easily adaptable into virtually any type of wedding; regardless of other cultural or religious background. If you have not yet heard of the wedding sand ceremony, here is a brief explanation. Both the bride and groom have a vessel of sand, they then pour each of their containers of sand into another vessel. The main idea is that they are pouring themselves into a new relationship, and that, just like the mixed grains of sand, are impossible to accurately return to the original vessel. In short, they are combining forces to become a new whole.

Similar to the unity candle ceremony, the wedding sand ceremony can be presented in different ways. The simplest way to do it is to have the larger vessel on a small stand or table near to wear the bride and groom exchange their vows. Then, after they have been joined in matrimony, they each take their smaller vessel and pour it into the nearby larger one. It is a good idea for their to be some description of what the ceremony is, and why the couple is doing it. Even though it is catching, most people are not yet aware of this beautiful ritual.

The sand ceremony can be made more elaborate in several ways. The vessel itself could be more ornate or have something already in it. Also, different colors of sand can be used. These colors could be the bride and groom’s favorites, or they could be chosen for their religious symbolism. Another thing some couples like to do is have the respective parents add their own sand, or even letting all of guests add some sand to the larger vase. The reasoning is that they, too, are entwined in the lives of the new couple.

So, if you are looking for a unique and meaningful twist on the traditional, then a wedding sand ceremony is a good choice. The symbolism is easy for people to understand and it puts a lovely touch on a lovely day.