The Quickest Ways to Gain Credibility

The Quickest Ways to Gain Credibility

Where do you want to be heard more, you want to make more sales or just reach a wider audience, you can gain more credibility by presenting dramatic proof, associating yourself with other experts, and showing your results and the results of others.

Many times I’ve written sales copy or launched a product and experienced bad results. I didn’t make as many sales as I wanted until I course-corrected, relaunched, and then made more money than I ever thought possible from that product launch.

When you’re marketing yourself online, whether it’s through social media, a blog, a mailing list, or a web page, you need to put your best foot forward. And an easy way is to show dramatic proof.

If you are making a claim, for example, where you can back up a blog in five seconds, show that. It helps if you can demonstrate a big result that’s easy that can be done in a short amount of time.

Can you build a list of email subscribers in ten minutes, can you create a product in one day, can you make $500 in 24 hours, If any of these questions can be answered with a yes, present that. That’s your sales video, that’s your pitch webinar, that’s your branding, those are the articles that you make to promote that product.

Put your best foot forward and show how to easily to get a big result in a short amount of time.

Another tool you can use instead of or in addition to dramatic proof, is to associate yourself with experts. Dramatic proof will only get you part of the way there, proof shows that you know how to do something, it doesn’t necessarily prove that you’re audience believes they can do it as well, that they can duplicate your results, or that you’re results are repeatable. But, chances are if they’re looking to you for guidance, they will look to others for guidance as well.

Do you really think that if you’re a guitar instructor that you are the only guitar instructor your subscribers are listening to online – of course not. What this means basically is to chase the news in your industry. If everyone in your industry is talking about how to learn the guitar by playing the video game Guitar Hero then that is what your marketing should be focused around.

If you’re a computer programmer selling software and everyone in your industry is selling WordPress plug-ins, then ride that wave as well.

If people believe other experts, then use those experts as examples or analogies or starting points to what you do and what they can experience and you’re much more believable.

Speaking of being believable, you’ve demonstrated dramatic proof, you’ve explained concepts that other experts have demonstrated so your audience knows them to be true, now focus on the results. Let’s say that you can show someone how to create a blog post in ten minutes or less, what does that mean for them, Does that mean a certain number of clicks and traffic to your site, number of subscribers, an amount of sales, What’s in it for me, what can I do, and why should I care.

It’s interesting how it always comes back to making a sales presentation. Any kind of article, blog post, or video or product you make, yes even a paid product where someone has already paid you money is taking someone basically through a sales process. Introducing a problem, showing your solution, and now what is the long term and lasting immediate results of that solution. Make it exciting and tell me why I should care and do that by showing your results, and the results of others. Maybe the results of other experts in your industry or even better, the results of your previous students, that way I can see what my peers have experienced, and by buying from you I can experience those results as well.

To quickly gain credibility show dramatic proof, associate with experts, and display your results and the results of others.