The Quickest Way To Gain Confidence

The Quickest Way To Gain Confidence

When you’re trying anything new, whether it’s setting up a new website, launching a product, creating videos or products for webinars, you need to be 100% confident and believe in what you do, otherwise it will show through.

In order to gain confidence, you must move out of your comfort zone, model what works in your own unique way, and finally get feedback and associate yourself with the right crowd.

If you keep doing what you’ve been doing so far in life, you’re going to experience the same results. Now if you want to be a little more adaptive or flexible, you need to try new things. I don’t just mean things like eat lunch at a different place today. I mean, if you’re launching a product in a new niche or you’re trying a new marketing technique, it will be scary, it will be unfamiliar and uncomfortable, but this is what you need to change the direction of your marketing, your results, and your life.

Move out of your comfort zone, because you have two choices. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to keep making the same amount of money, you’ll keep associating with the same people, and you’ll get the same out of your time as you’ve always done. But if you take a risk and do something new and unique then the worst case scenario is that you’ve only found something that does not work and you can go back to your original plan.

Every now and then I’ll try something new. I’ll try a new source of traffic. I will position my product differently. I will contact some new joint-venture partner or affiliate and market my information in a different way. More often than not this pays off big time.

To not only get ideas on what new directions to take, but understand what works and what doesn’t is this thing called Modeling.

Many times on the internet we’ll see marketers copy each other. For example, one marketer will release a product on How to Make Money Using, and within a week you’ll see 20 new products all talking about the same thing – How to Make Money on And many of these products will simply be rehashed versions of the original, but not all.

What you’ll see happen is that the parity repeat copies die a quick death, but some of these derivitive products actually make more money than the original. Ideas are not new and if a product sells well it’s usually because it’s filling a need that the marketplace needs to be filled. And that means that if you see a product selling very-very well, to not just copy that product, but if you can do a better job of explaining a concept or show someone how to – for example, make more money from Facebook in a very unique way, or how to sell on Ebay and provide better tools of a particular product or model that works, but do it in your own unique and better way.

If you see someone teaching How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing, and you can teach it better, then go for it. If you can teach how to make money faster or make more money or do it in a simple way that is what you should market.

And above all, you’re going to make the most money by adjusting from the feedback that you get from your customers that vote with their wallet. And here is what I mean, you could ask people all day long what they need help with, what kind of products they’ll buy and what’s interesting is sometimes people will tell you they will buy a product on a certain topic, but once you release it they won’t buy it.

A better way is to look at what appears to be selling, create your own unique version of that and if that sells, make the product bigger and better and market it more. This is trial and error, it’s survival of the fittest. You’re getting feedback and figuring out what makes you the most money and where you belong when it comes to internet marketing and you can go from there and repeat your successes.

To gain confidence quickly and easily first move out of your comfort zone, second model what works in your own unique way, and finally get feedback and associate with the right crowd.