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‘The Masked Singer’ Recap: Tree Gets Chopped

by Ace Damon

What do you get with The Masked Singer? A place as a guest participant the following season, alongside Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger, that's it. This is the case of a special departure on Tuesday (December 10) from the show, where first-season champion T-Pain once again made jokes about the participant's boots before Wednesday's semifinal episode.

Yes, the end is near, for next week will be the grand final. The last hurray. But fear not, as host Nick Cannon informs us that season three will begin shortly after the Super Bowl in early February. A few weeks left, children. We will never shake this thing.


Fox shows a cover of "Blame It" by Jamie Foxx and T-Pain, which is a bit much. But this is a program where Nick Cannon gets millions of dollars to shoot all the puns you can imagine on a camera for an hour, so it's the pair for the course. Fox takes his little break from dancing while having fun, and Jenny thinks she's Jamie Foxx in Fox's costume. Nicole admits, "Jamie is such a good friend of mine. I mean, we had some weekends."

T-Pain, on the other hand, wonders if Fox can really be Lenny Kravitz. These panelists clearly do not know the clue they are on.


It is noteworthy that the audience becomes increasingly disturbing each week as they sing to each participant and hold their hands in rude and strange configurations, similar to the undercover artist who are joyfully watching on stage. It's like seeing members of a cult spinning around in a ritual circle before Kool-Aid drops them. Poor suckers.

Either way, Leopard throws clues about being vegan, playing tennis, and other things related to a motorcycle accident before starting to have fun. "We Are Young". He then suggests to participants: "I was presenting an award at an award that included one of you. And I was wearing a custom leather outfit that night.


The flirting on stage between Thingamajig and Nicole continues to intensify. I can't wait until his mask comes out and it's Sean Spicer down there.

The giant Troll doll blasts John Legend's "Ordinary People." T-Pain looks at the suit and says, “You're probably hot as hell, because I stuck my fat ass in one of those things.” Nicole shyly adds, “In my opinion, it was just the two of us in the room. ”These are the criticisms of the reality singing competition we deserved in 2019.


The Pink Feathered Flamingo launches many pop culture references when she states, "Who would think that when I was a little girl sitting in my room with California dreams, it would end here?" She adds, "First, I went from clueless to celebrated," adding a few more clues to the mix.

After an impressive and thrilling version of Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own Way", Ken thinks Flamingo is Hilary Duff (what a fool), while Jenny is still accompanying The Real co-host and Adrienne Bailon, a former member of 3LW.


Finally, it's the season when a tree that sings and dances doesn't look totally ridiculous on stage. Tree takes on Lady Gaga's success in 2011, "The Edge Of Glory," and T-Pain is clearly feeling it. "I love that they're making all the fantasies where their ass is shaking," he notes deeply.

Tree tells participants that she “shared a stage and an O standing with one of you.” Ken replies, “I have never had an O standing in my life.” Finally, for the first time this year, he said something we can to believe.


In his pack of clues, Rottweiler talks about being insecure and needing to meditate every day. It offers a surprisingly emotional performance by recent Billboard Hot 100 leader Billboard Hot 100, "Someone You Loved," which tears Nicole and Jenny to tears.

"I have to breathe for it," says Nicole. "I think it's the most vulnerable and honest performance you gave."

As a final clue, Rottweiler told the panel: “I was on the same list as one of you and was not the sexiest man in the living world. Sorry ken. "

T-Pain asks: “Is it related to prison? I've been to many of these lists. "

Eliminated: Someone needs to get the ax, and this week, the studio audience and panel members decide it's the Tree. Jenny's track record remains flawless. She's the only one to correctly guess that Tree is former SNL cast member Ana Gasteyer. Meanwhile, Ken, who appeared in Fox's A Christmas Story Live! with Ana only two years ago, I never saw that happen.

"I forgot I was in it!" Laments Ken, to whom Ana replies, "Not long ago, Ken!"


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