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‘The Masked Singer’ Recap: Thingamajig And Leopard Ousted In Semi-Final

by Ace Damon

With just five competitors ahead of next week O Masked singer End of season, we're shaking and rolling now. Two of these undercover celebrities are entering the semifinal tonight (December 11), which will leave three standing to compete for the Golden Mask. Panelist Ken Jeong is wearing an ugly Christmas sweater, so all of this must be serious.

Apparently the guest speakers have disappeared, as they are just Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Nicole Scherzinger and Ken in critical service tonight. Let's jump right into it.


Some new clues about Fox are given, including the handwritten name Richard on the paper and his statement that he "should not be slept as a singer". The thick-tailed contestant takes the public into the holiday spirit with an exciting version of Donny Hathaway's "This Christmas." He then "presents" participants with one more clue, linked to Joey Fatone's character in the first season: "My friend Rabbit came through the trench hole and said I would have as good a time as him."

Robin Thicke is convinced that Fox is actor / comedian Wayne Brady, while Nicole thinks she's Tyrese under all the fake fur. Time will tell, children.


I wasn't totally convinced when it came to Rottweiler fan theory american idol alum Chris Daughtry, but tonight is definitely warming me to the idea. Rottweiler quotes The Killers' "Mr. Brightside", who betrays the competitor's vocal rock tone in a way that didn't happen before this season. It turns out to be one of the best performances in Masked singer-Sun.

Jenny is struck by the passion in the dog's voice and wonders if he is really the current Journey leader, Arnel Pineda. Nicole and Robin are unified in thinking they are Emmy winner Darren Criss.


This season's fuzzy green favorite admits it was a tough year with many obstacles and adversity. Get in line, boy. He then produces a reggae pop version of Bing Crosby's "Winter Wonderland", which is every kind of holiday showbiz you could ask for.

Thingamajig's holiday gift to the panelist is a hat and whip, which, if we consider the glamor narrative of a season between him and Nicole, takes it all to another level. "Although I'm a big fan of movies, this track requires a bit of digging," says Thingamajig. Hmmm.

Ken considers the Indiana Jones-eque nature of this new track and pulls Indiana Pacers basketball player Victor Oladipo out of his ass like a guess.


Pink feathered flamingo mentions that she loved to sing in a church choir as she grew up. She performs an impressive performance of Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah," which makes Robin say, "This was the first chill that went up and down my spine this season."

For her gift, a globe is carried out. "I was baptized in Israel," says Flamingo. Jenny maintains her assumption that the costumed singer is Adrienne Bailon, and Nicole points out that Adrienne's husband is named Israel.

(Leopard, "Big Spender" 🙂


Fancy Leopard notes in her clue package that he initially came The masked singer so your puppies would think he's cool. He adds that he starred in a Nativity play at age 11. This is followed by an extravagant cover of Sweet charity melody of the show "Big Spender".

Leopard's gift for the panel is a design from the competitor's "dream house" with host Nick Cannon. Ken claims he knows "exactly who he is" and expels Jeff Goldblum. "Kenneth, if you were colder, you'd be in Alaska, honey," jokes Leopard.

Deleted: It had to happen sometime, and that day was at the end of season two: Ken Jeong correctly guessed that Thingamajig is Victor Oladipo. Based on the faces of the other panel members, I am not alone in pointing out that this must be the most random "victory" of all participants.

As mentioned at the beginning of the episode, a second contestant must take the old boot out the door. And this masked artist is Leopard, which Nicole and Robin correctly guessed is Seal. As with Patti LaBelle a few weeks ago, I'm surprised he bothered to come up with this thing. But as the famous singer sang almost 30 years ago, we will never survive unless we get a little crazy.


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