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The Highest Rated Gaming Keyboards Of The Year

by Ace Damon
The Highest Rated Gaming Keyboards Of The Year

With Cyber Monday and holiday deals, odds are you can find them for a pretty good price.

Currently underrated that’s the HyperX alloy FPS elite, this came out way back in January, and it surprised me when I got my hands on it earlier this year at first glance.

It’s a nice looking keyboard you definitely have some extra Flair at the top here with that RGB light strip, but it’s more than just the appearance with this board.

I had some great features, on the top left are keys for adjusting brightness, switching between different profiles and effects, and then a dedicated gaming key for disabling windows.

On the top right side, you have dedicated multimedia keys with a nice scrolling volume wheel something I think every keyboard should have by now.

Inside the box they also include a set of silver textured keycaps as you can see plus a magnetically detachable wrist rest for some extra comfort. You can’t complain about some additional accessories now regarding the performance, and the keys here are available in cherry blue brown and red switches for you to pick.

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I went with the blue switches in this unit here but it is nice they gave you those three options to pick from.

Altogether the HyperX alloy Elite RGB is a keyboard that I highly recommend, retails for 140 usually and if your fan of some RGB lighting effects this one will not let you down.


Next up is the Razer black widow elite and whether you love or hate razer, it doesn’t matter the fact is they had an excellent year concerning putting out new products, and I felt this one combined the best of both their product lines.

This is necessarily the upgraded love child of the huntsmen keyboard and the Black Widow Khromov v2.

On this board we finally had dedicated media keys which were something new to the razor lineup, we have their multifunctional dial that’s going to let you program to do things like adjusting the volume, scrolling up and down on the webpage or scrolling in and out, launching websites programs, it’s up to you.

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This dial an excellent addition to their keyboards; this model also has the return of the USB pass-through, plus a headphone jack for keeping everything controlled at an arm’s reach.


This is also going to help you keep cables from you know dragging across your desktop to your PC, and with the Black Widow, elite Ray’s are also included one of this softest wrist rests I have ever used.

we also have their new Razer green switches, which are designed to be less wobbly so, they’re more sturdy, but it’s that same clicky switch that we’re used to.

Of course, it has the full r2b control here with their chroma lighting, and this one retails for 160.

The Highest Rated Gaming Keyboards Of The Year (2)

I do also want to mention their Huntsman elite keyboard and don’t worry this is not a part of the top 5 that I have on this list.


Just wanted to point it out because this is one of their top selling keyboards from 2018, and the main reason is that of these optomechanical switches inside these are brand-new.

Unlike an ordinary mechanical switch, these have these little light sensors inside that actuate when the switch is pressed.

Other than that, much like the Blackwood elite I just showed you, it has a similar design, it’s still very flashy obviously with the chroma lighting, there’s also a light strip that goes not only around the base of the entire keyboard but also goes to the wrist rest.

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Next up is a 2018 refresh of a keyboard that’s started the RGB trend back in 2014 believe it or not, because it is the gaming k70 RGB mark 2.


While the newer mark 2 version has some changes, we still have that professional black brushed aluminum base here that I always thought to make these Corsair keyboards kind of stand out, and this release now has the logo RGB illuminated.

The majority the changes here are going to come underneath the keycaps with a ton of new switch types available to purchase.

Being the great cherry speed switches, cherry red blue brown, and cherry silent switches, giving you full access to pretty much any switch you want which very few companies do.

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A lot of times they’ll be limited to just the recess which types available, but another new update to the mark 2 is the release of a silver k70 mark two color option which always has me in awe every time I look at it. Definitely, a nice looking keyboard when paired with those white keycaps that it comes with.


The mark 2 retails for 160 but often drops to 140 or less when they have some sales.

Cooler Master keys MK 750 RGB keyboard – cooler master was always you know a company involved in the keyboard game despite pretty much be recognized for their actual PC hardware, and the Mk 750 is going to right in with the bulk of the popular keyboards out there for 2018.

Again with a standard keyboard layout and a light switch design like Corsair does, the RGB light reflects more evenly, and it’s going to appear brighter on your board.

[amazon_link asins=’B077J3WSCT’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’lmtorres-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’d8ff8b50-0217-11e9-b074-39c95c0c0bdd’]

A light bar does surround the sides of the board, so you have that extra pop factor on your desktop, and comfy magnetic wrist rest is also included, but on the board itself, we have an area for some media keys and the top right the cable is removable.


Cherry blue red and brown overall, the keyboard is slim and minimal with very little wasted space.

Coolermaster might not be the first thing that pops into your head when you think of a gaming keyboard, but the MK 750 for around $95 offers stiff competition in this field.



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