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The Beautiful New Design Of The Google Play Store

by Ace Damon
The Beautiful New Design Of The Google Play Store

The Google Play Store is even more beautiful with the new design!

Over the last few months, the Mountain View company has been betting actively on the renewal of the design of all its applications and services with Material Design 2.0.

Now the latest implementation has been made in the Google Play Store, where the ‘Ratings & Reviews’ section has become much more useful and pleasing to the eye.

These changes, although changing only small details, end up offering a much better user experience.

The first information presented remains the summary of classifications, but now it comes with only a single color.

Secondly, you will find the most popular positive/negative reviews.

For some time now Google had started testing various design options for this section of the Google Play Store, which culminated in this new update.

As in other applications, the application store is also getting phased design updates. That is, instead of a complete facelift at one time, they are implementing new features in a phased way in the various sections.

Google Play Store gets quite useful design implementations.

The new interface will make all the interaction between users much more intuitive and valuable.

It will be much easier to rate critiques as useful, or not.

All the visual presentation comes against what we have seen reach so many other applications, where the main highlight is the ease of reading.

These new implementations will also bring much more filtering options. That is, you will not be stuck looking at just the good ratings.

You will be able to select, for example, by the number of stars, positive, negative, etc.

Once again, it is proven that the new Material Design 2.0 does not only bring improvements in the presentation of applications. But also, necessary improvements in the various functionalities present in the applications.

Finally, after this implementation, Google is most likely to start working on developing new features for the Google Play Store.

One thing is guaranteed, the company will never stop looking for new ways to improve its services.

Google plans to update apps via the Play Store without even having the idea.

The idea is to standardize the experience of using all users.

One of the pillars of Android is the number of applications available to it. As a result, these apps are naturally updated through the Google Play Store which, in turn, requires a Google account.

But what if you do not? Even then, the Mountain View company is looking at ways to update the applications that come pre-installed on your smartphone, as the Android Police adds.

This process will also be done through the Play Store.

In this sense, the US company is notifying all developers to make known this.

Naturally, this functionality will also go through a testing phase which, when completed, should be made available to all users.

Google wants the Play Store to update apps even though you have no account.

The goal of this measure is to provide a more consistent experience for all users. This way, all users will be entitled to the same functions that an application has to offer.

Also, the Mountain View company is notifying developers that they must adapt their creations to this new model. That is, your apps should work the same way with or without a Google account.

However, if you do not want this automatic update, you can always disable it. I do not know how this would be more advantageous to anyone, but in any case, it is up to everyone.

What is the current scenario for those who do not have a Google account? The probability that someone with an Android smartphone without a Google account is getting smaller.

However, if this happens, it is possible to use a device without this type of access. If that is the case, you will not be able to take advantage of the full potential of Google applications.

Additionally, you will not be able to access the Play Store and the full range of applications it provides.

Besides, any application that comes pre-installed on the smartphone will not be entitled to any improvement. It is precisely this last point that Google wants to transform to offer a more uniform experience.


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