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Tesla Model 3: Autopilot saves “flying tire” driver on the highway! (video)

by Ace Damon

Over the years and the exponential increase in popularity of Tesla and its electric cars around the world, there are more and more reports of impressive incidents provided by the controversial Autopilot. The latest video was shot in California, United States, where a Tesla Model 3 driver manages to stray dramatically from a “flying tire”.

As you can see in the video, while driving on the highway, a tire appeared coming from the opposite lane that would hit the driver’s area directly at an extremely dangerous speed. Most likely, if you had not managed to deviate, this could be a fault incident.

According to the information revealed by the driver, the diversion was done manually (“ninja” reflexes), but it was only possible thanks to the indications given by the Autopilot, which alerted the driver of something suspicious. In turn, the Autopilot went into action immediately after the detour made by the driver, preventing him from losing control of the car.

As mentioned in the video description, Autopilot was able to avoid a serious accident, if the car ended up crossing the 5 lanes of this highway.

Tesla’s autopilot continues to demonstrate its excellence with each passing day

Trying to forget all the incidents caused by the incorrect use of Autopilot, there is no doubt that this is one of the most innovative technologies applied to cars in recent decades. As Elon Musk promised some time ago, this is the big step that will allow us to reach the real autonomous cars.

As mentioned by the driver, the Autopilot of his Tesla Model 3 was crucial both to prevent the car from slipping after the sudden deviation, it was also important in alerting the user to the presence of the tire. However, it ends up losing some impact since the driver claims that the car was diverted manually.

Still, the question remains whether the car would be able to deviate automatically from the target, considering that it would hit the driver’s area with great speed.

Over the past few months, the innovations implemented by Tesla in Autopilot have been incredible, starting to be able to recognize and react to STOP signals and traffic lights, in addition to also being able to circulate independently on roundabouts and secondary roads.

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