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Tesla Completely Autonomous Cars By 2020?

by Ace Damon
Tesla Completely Autonomous Cars By 2020

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Tesla CEO made another bold promise: in 2020 the company will launch a completely autonomous car into the market that can transport passengers from the car park to the destination without any human intervention.

Tesla’s completely autonomous driving functionality is expected to be ready this year, and by the end of 2020 the company will launch a car capable of carrying passengers without any intervention, Elon Musk promises.

“The car will be able to find the person in the parking lot, go to it and take it to its destination without any intervention,” said the founder of Tesla during a podcast.

Today it is possible to buy, for another five thousand dollars, the functionality Enhanced Autopilot, which includes suggestions and change of lanes and that guides the car on motorways.

The feature does not yet allow navigation in cities or car parks, and it is this evolution that Musk intends to see added next year.

Between October 2016 and October 2018, the company was promising and postponing new standalone driving features that would be available through software updates.

According to the company, all the necessary hardware is already in the vehicles produced since 2016, being only necessary the unlocking through a new version of the software.

Now, Elon Musk says that by the end of 2020, the driver will be able to fall asleep while driving while being transported from one point to another, Wired reported.

Until then, drivers will have to continue to monitor the technology and be in the position to take control of the vehicle in case something does not go well.

The team that prepared Autopilot’s functionality is now focused on developing the technology to handle crossovers.

The challenge is not so much to recognize STOP signs and traffic lights but to deal with some possible ambiguity in more complex ways.

Tesla CEO also announced via Twitter that the brand would reach an annual output of about 500,000 cars per year by 2019, noting that in 2011 it did not produce any cars.

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To demonstrate the current production capacity, Musk also shared a photo area where, according to CEO figures, 4000 Tesla Model 3 is seen at a port in San Francisco to be shipped to Europe.

It is recalled that the Tesla should begin to be delivered to many European customers between the end of February and mid-March – some cars have already arrived in Spain and Portugal territory, and will be delivered as soon as the usual bureaucracies are resolved.

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