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Teen Titans Go! To the Movies – Movie Review

by Ace Damon
Teen Titans Go! To the Movies - Movie Review

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is it worth going to this movie?

Let’s take a closer look Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is directed by Aaron Horvath and Peter Michail who also worked as writers producers and the art department of the Teen Titans Go! TV series.

The film follows five teenage superheroes who must stop the villain Deathstroke from achieving world domination and by doing so they hope to reach stardom by getting their own film with the likes of Batman, Superman and other superheroes of the DC Universe.

I actually did go see Teen Titans Go! To the Movies on opening day and I realized that this review might be a little bit late as the film may not still be playing in theaters where you currently are but there are some positives that come as a result of this so I still wanted to put this review out there.

I asked my nephew who fits the target age demographic what he thought of Teen Teen Titans Go! To the Movies and he said ah it was okay not nearly as good as The Incredibles 2 that is my big issue with this film – when you have animated films like The Incredibles – coming out this summer and then this it looks really weak in comparison in fairness the budget for Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is significantly less but it kind of brings up the question: what was the point of this film?

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Felt like it was DC saying “hey don’t forget about us this summer” and don’t get me wrong I’m actually a big DC fan and I would love to see some great DC films, unfortunately, myself and I think a lot of other fans feel that the DC extended universe has been completely mishandled.

As for the pacing of Teen Titans Go! To the Movies it’s really uneven it feels like it was made by somebody with ADD it’s just kind of all over the place and while that might be entertaining for kids I don’t think it’s really that entertaining for adults and it does take a long time for the main plotline to get going, not that the main plotline is anything special so keep that in mind.

Even though Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is primarily for a younger age demographic there is some jokes in here that only adults will understand, unfortunately I don’t think a lot of the jokes quite hit the mark for me and I also think there was a lot of missed opportunities to tell some jokes that poke fun at DC, there are some but not enough if they did that for the entire film they could have made this a lot like Deadpool and this film would have been substantially better.

The voice acting was great and one of the best aspects of the film with some fantastic star performances, the main highlight was definitely Nicolas Cage’s Superman, this was a fun little throwback to the Superman film that never got made that was written by Kevin Smith and supposed to be directed by Tim Burton for the antagonist Will Arnett owned the role of Deathstroke and Kristen Bell as Slade Wilson.

Was also a lot of fun Jimmy Kimmel has Batman I thought was a pretty funny choice playing off his friend Ben Affleck who of course most recently portrayed Batman in the DC extended universe.

The regular cast of Teen Titans Go all bring their best to bring life to their characters.

I really loved Tara Strong as Raven she’s done so many voices over the years some of my favorite and most notable are from the Powerpuff Girls drawn together Samurai Jack and Rugrats.

I really like the simplistic design of the characters with their vibrant colors I think the style is fun and just right for kids, just from looking at the animation I could tell the characters being animated in flash, what is now Adobe animate which is 2d animation software.

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Some people may have a problem with this if you’re a real purist and really only like traditional 2d hand-drawn animation but I think what Teen Titans Go they do a really good job of bringing characters to life so personally, I don’t have a problem with it.

I think it’s really efficient for production and makes sense for this style of animation I would be really curious to hear other’s thoughts on this particular style.

The music of Teen Titans go to the movies is worth mentioning, there was a lot of pop music which I found was very suitable and some of the music was pretty funny.

I don’t see any reason besides the title Teen Titans Go! To the Movies why this needed to be made for the big screen or why this needs to be seen on the big screen, I would recommend this film for at home with your kids on video on demand, but if you never saw Teen Titans Go! To the Movies in theaters, might worth a try.


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