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TB Community – Top Discussions of the Week # 001

by Ace Damon
TB Community - Top Discussions of the Week # 001

During the week that happened at CES happened there in Las Vegas, we launched the Tecnoblog Community, giving you more space to chat with each other and our pitacos in the middle – it even has night mode! At the end of the first week of life, we selected the top five topics that appeared there, divided into two very specific categories: topics that are the result of texts published in TB and topics created within the Community.

Top Five Community Discussions

Xbox Series X or PS5?
Folding screens: trend for 2020 or flopa before it hits the market?
Which do you prefer? Spotify or Deezer?
Are you a dependent on personal assistants?
What cloud storage service do you use?

I voted with my friends on the first link, but I suggested that Nintendão Switch has captive space (I don't reveal here if I'm a clerk or sonysta, enter the community and find out) and I released the verb about Deezer, which came for free in my plan and I got used to it – ok, the service was a wagon and today has evolved a lot. Ah, I'm one of those who use two assistants and with a few clever things. Go figure.

The 5 Hottest Discussions on TB Matters

STF overturns ruling banning Backdoor special on Netflix
Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite: the return of lite versions
Samsung to launch Galaxy Fold folding phone in Brazil on January 16
LG promises to profit from cell phones after racking up $ 2.67 billion in losses
The Witcher: 4 Differences Between Netflix Books, Games, and Series

Even with a launch truck of all kinds the STF stole the scene with the controversy surrounding Netflix and Backdoor, with a scrape at LG that promised mobile profits (need it right) and even Netflix a second time, but now with what changes from The Witcher from the show to books and especially to games.

I know this post aired on a Saturday and I was supposed to be on the beach, but in Sao Paulo the rain has tightened all week and if I were you I would go to TB Community for a chat, even with rain noise outside the window.


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