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TB Community # 28: Best streaming, Uber scam, Facebook, Twitter and more

by Ace Damon

Is it possible to say that there is a “better” music streaming? Although one is better than another at some point, the balance is always balanced. This was one of the main discussions of this week’s Tecnoblog Community, between July 24th and 31st. Check out the hottest topics below.

The 5 best discussions in the TB Community

What is the best music streaming service today? Edge Chromium bug: when I type “F” the browser closes Kaizala can compete with WhatsApp and Telegram? Do you use automatic debit to pay for services? Why isn’t 1GB of RAM even 1GB (1024MB)?

The discussion about music streaming services was intense. Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Tidal and even Rdio (in memoriam) joined the circle. A lot of people end up choosing a certain platform for integration with some other services – Deezer with TIM, YouTube Music with YouTube Premium, Apple’s ecosystem, etc.

Almost everyone will have the same music (except YouTube that wins from those old videos that nobody finds anywhere else) and features, as well as availability of applications on the main devices we use today.

Microsoft Edge has a bug that terminates the browser unexpectedly for those who have Google as the default search engine. When you switch to Bing, the problem is resolved. THE Microsoft recommends turning off search suggestions for a while. Curious, right?

The 5 best discussions on Tecnoblog guidelines

Brazil will have “consequences” by allowing Huawei’s 5G, says US ambassador Uber Eats has a 10-minute coup that leaves customers without food and money Twitter and Facebook remove account holders’ requests at the request of the STF Exclusive: Claro will have streaming TV and offer TV box for Apple customers says there is an alternative to the App Store: Android

The ambassador of the United States, Todd Chapman, said that Brazil may lose investments from US companies if it adopts Huawei technologies for the 5G infrastructure.

The argument is that Huawei may be required to send information from other countries to the Chinese government, so it is a matter of “national security”. Currently, Anatel estimates that 70 thousand of the 86 thousand 2G, 3G and 4G towers already use equipment from the Chinese manufacturer.

Tecnoblog published a scam that has affected some people inside Uber Eats: some malicious delivery people take advantage of a loophole in the app to keep the customer’s order. The victim, on the other hand, is unable to refund the money as the system understands that the courier tried to contact the customer.


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