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TB Community # 005: macOS, PicPay, Samsung Galaxy S20, iFood and more

by Ace Damon
TB Community # 005: macOS, PicPay, Samsung Galaxy S20, iFood and more

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Launch week: Samsung held the Unpacked event to announce the new Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra and the Galaxy Z Flip – the brand new foldable. In addition to these issues, this week the TB Community came full of suggestions: PicPay, Twitter app and offers – which is even one of the Community's new features…

The 5 best discussions of the week in the Community

Do you play on macOS? I play, but I know that I can't put a lot of strain on my notebook in this regard. But is it just Apple's fault, for not adapting or improving the hardware and the system so that the game catalog is as vast as in Windows?

Okay, there is no discussion that the hardware in Windows is much cheaper than in macOS, but we cannot blame only Apple for the absence of titles in the system.

For example: I recently tried to install a game, say old, on my Mac with Catalina. After several hours of downloading, the message came that the installer needed to be updated. Even though Apple has changed the architecture of the system (from 32-bit to 64-bit), isn't it the role of developers to do the same? At least to games that still receive content …

Life that follows, PicPay now has a partnership with Editora Abril: you can see the group's contents – Veja, Superinteressante, Claudia, Quatro Rodas, etc. – with the payment app login, without spending anything. We don't know until when the offer will be valid, but thanks for the suggestion Ward'z de Souza.

The 5 hottest discussions on Tecnoblog's guidelines

THE BBC Brazil published a report this weekend on the complaints of entrepreneurs regarding delivery applications: iFood, Rappi and UberEats. Some of them even had to close their doors due to the low profit margin generated in the application. Dark kitchens – establishments that only work for deliveries – lack of transparency and even accusations of dumping are other reports of entrepreneurs dissatisfied with the applications.

And speaking of competition, Samsung unveiled its new foldable, the Galaxy Z Flip. Comparisons with the Motorola Razr were inevitable, mainly because the two will arrive at the same price in Brazil, R $ 8,999. However, the specifications of the Galaxy Z Flip are higher than those of the Motorola Razr.

In addition to the foldable, Samsung introduced the new Galaxy S line: S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra, the latter even having a 108 megapixel camera, digital zoom up to 100 times and 8K recording!

The whole presentation was basically focused on photos, on how the new smartphones are able to photograph and capture details with the help of the artificial intelligence present in the cameras.

After all, do you still have another attribute that companies can focus on? Speed ​​✅, storage ✅, screen ✅ … even at the current line tops, there's nothing to complain about.

TB Community Promotions Room

Have you seen a cool offer on the internet and do you think someone will like it too? We created the Promotions Room in the Tecnoblog Community. The space is intended for offers found on the internet. It is worth mentioning that it is different from the Sale and Exchange room, this is for users to disclose their own used electronics.

What are the Promotions Room rules?

Only Member level or higher users can create topics;
Posting for the sole purpose of earning commission (affiliate links) is not permitted. If we find that the offer is false, the topic will be deleted and the user deleted;
Spamming of any type of products or services offered by the author of the topic will not be allowed. The topic will be deleted and user deleted.

"Sold" button:

Once an offer is closed, the topic author can mark that item as "Sold". This helps to keep the room organized and tells other users what is still going on.

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