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TB Community # 002: Outlook or Gmail, Mickey, Nubank and other topics

by Ace Damon
TB Community # 002: Outlook or Gmail, Mickey, Nubank and other topics

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In this last week, between January 20 and 24, the main discussions were guided by hot topics of the week, such as the mark of 20 million customers of Nubank and the technical file of the new Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra. THE TB Community also received increments: features that improve the discussion and even a bot on Telegram to manage notifications.

The 5 best discussions of the week in the Community

Microsoft Outlook vs Google Gmail
What is the best app to monitor sleep with the Apple Watch?
Which Notes app do you use?
Do you subscribe to newsletters?
Is it worth exchanging a notebook for a tablet?

Gmail or Outlook? Notebook or Tablet? They seem to be timeless questions that will last as long as both sides exist.

Both Gmail and Outlook have enough features for most users, both are ahead of several other email services like the forgotten Yahoo, which has so often been the subject of privacy controversies.

While in the gadget battle, tablets are already strong enough to match a notebook. Our editor, Barba, for example, can edit videos from the channel only with the iPad. Although a notebook is more practical and robust, those who consume the most who produce content should do well with the tablet.

The 5 hottest discussions on Tecnoblog topics

Mickey's public domain in 2024 takes Disney out of its comfort zone
Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra: technical sheet reveals processor, cameras and more
Nubank: Facebook ad led to fake website and tried to steal data
MPF denounces hackers and Glenn Greenwald for cell phone invasion
Nubank reaches 20 million customers and is the 6th largest financial institution in Brazil

This week I published a special to talk about Mickey's public domain. In 2024, the version of Steamboat Willie (1928) will no longer be owned by Disney. In the following years, more versions of the mouse will also fall into the hands of the world.

Steamboat Willie (1928)

Disney has already changed the laws several times to maintain ownership of your character. But now, that power no longer seems to be in your hands. It remains to wait to accompany this new phase for the company.

And who would say: that little purple boy who recently arrived has already become the 6th largest financial institution in the country. It is worth remembering that Nubank is also present in Mexico and Argentina, to serve the international public without access to the banking system. It's quite a milestone, see ?!

The new features of the TB Community

THE Tecnoblog Community it is our best corner to chat with readers. For this reason, we are dedicated to building a practical environment to use and with resources that further facilitate interaction.

This week, we introduced some new things:

Spoiler filter:
It allows to blur sensitive information that is revealed when someone clicks on it. Do you know that Game of Thrones scene that someone hasn't seen yet?
Resolved topic:
As soon as the moderator or the author of the post identifies that a topic has been resolved – by solving the problem or best answer – it will be possible to mark this in the post so that other people can identify it, in addition to keeping the house organized.
Birthdays get cake on their birthday 🍰;
In long topics that require better organization, you can create an index to facilitate navigation and search for content.

Do you use Telegram?

If so, you will be happy to know that TB Community now it has its own bot there. When linking your account with the Community, you can receive notifications, like responses, and even respond to your topic comments without having to open the site.

Did you like it? Run there in the post to see how to activate.

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