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Strike leader in Ceará justifies shooting at senator: 'He put a tractor …

by Ace Damon
Strike leader in Ceará justifies shooting at senator: 'He put a tractor ...


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The leader of the Ceará police strike movement, Cabo Sabino, said that a "police officer is trained to defend people's lives" when commenting on the shot that hit Senator Cid Gomes (PDT-CE).

According to the former federal deputy, Cid arrived at the barracks where the episode took place, in Sobral, threatening the police and their families, who are mutineers at the site in protest for better working conditions.

"When (Cid Gomes) arrived at the barracks, he gave five minutes for police wives and children to leave in peace. He said that if he passed that he would not be responsible. Then he takes this tractor and plays against them in the barracks," said Sabino, according to interview published through the UOL portal.

The senator was shot on Wednesday (19) when trying to break through the blockade made by police in the 3rd Battalion of the Military Police using a backhoe.

The movement's leader said the shot was a "reaction" to Cid Gomes' attitude.

'It was an attack'

"But he forgets that the police are trained to defend people's lives, let alone colleagues, wives and children? (The shots) were not an action, they were a reaction. He put a tractor crushing people. That was not a attack on those policemen, it was against any and all policemen, wives, children and any worker ", he justified.

Cid Gomes left the ICU this Thursday (20). He was referred to the infirmary, where he must remain hospitalized, but without risk of life, according to disclosed through the G1 portal. The parliamentarian asked for a temporary leave of absence from his parliamentary functions in December 2019.

Sabino also said that the senator made a video calling "the good people" of Sobral to join him to vacate the barracks.

"He made a video urging the population of the municipality to fight, to face police," said the former federal deputy.

Leader accuses governor

The corporal also accused the governor of Ceará, Camilo Santana (PT), of articulating the invasion of the Sobral barracks alongside Cid Gomes.

"I have no doubt that Camilo supported it. It was not an unreasonable attitude: it was articulate. The senator posted a video on social media in the morning, the governor must have been the first to see it. Don't you think the governor didn't call? Certainly it had all the support of the government. It was a thoughtful and articulated action ", he criticized.

According to Sabino, the adhesion of the category to the strike is 65% in the whole state, reaching 80% in the interior of Ceará. In 2017, the Supreme Court ruled that police strikes were illegal.

Ceará police officers demand that the state government redo its wage restructuring proposal. The bill foresees an increase for PM soldiers and firefighters from R $ 3,475 to R $ 4,500, with a three-fold increase in installments until 2022.

The police, however, ask that payment be made in only one installment and that a career plan be presented for the category.

The move caused a security crisis in the state. The Minister of Justice and Public Security, Sergio Moro, yesterday authorized the sending of the National Force to Ceará, at the request of the governor.

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