Stop Yourself From Becoming Overwhelmed and Reduce Multitasking Starting Today

Stop Yourself From Becoming Overwhelmed and Reduce Multitasking Starting Today

A word like multitasking sounds pretty cool and impressive like it’s something you’d want right, It means that you can be making progress on multiple tasks at the same time, this is what your computer does. Your computer can run your web browser, play a video, all while burning a CD. But when it comes to being a productive person multitasking is your biggest enemy. Multitasking will guarantee that you’ll constantly be shifting your focus from one thing to another, that you’ll have lots of half finished projects and that you’ll be taking way more time on activities than you should be. That’s why you need to reduce multitasking and overwhelm so that you can make fast, consistent progress.

To reduce overwhelm just simplify, clean up and close down. Here’s what I mean. Your life right now is probably too complicated. The way you’re doing business online right now is probably too complicated. A good example is that many people will start off their work day checking email or checking various message boards, or look for something new to buy, or something new to read. Instead of actively looking for something to distract you can start every day with a task that you have decided on the day before. Hit the ground running and start that day by writing an article, recording a new video or sending an email.

You need to simplify things. It is okay if you don’t get every single news item. It’s okay not to watch TV until the evening. It’s okay to only check your email a few times a week if that means that you get a lot more done and that you’ll be distracted a lot less. Many of us really need to clean things up. Clean [unclear 02.18] so we can think, clean up our computer so that it will run quickly and clean up our businesses. If you have several websites that you know you’ll never finish or that you know you’ll never launch or make money from then close those old websites down and focus on the new ones that make you money. It’s a simple as that, clean up and close down.

Let’s figure out how to reduce multitasking because this is a nasty habit to break. It’s so easy to watch a video and write an article, and post on a message board, and play on your iPhone, and play on your iPad, and talk on the phone all at the same time. All this guarantees is that you’re going to take all day completing all those tasks. It simply doesn’t make sense to spend an entire day on something that should only take you five or ten minutes.

So to reduce multitasking you need to focus, you need to close down most of your windows and activities, and only do one thing at a time. If you’re checking your Twitter, you’re not doing anything else, the only window that’s open is your Twitter window. If you’re checking email, nothing else is open, just email and likewise if you’re writing an article the only thing that’s open right now is that screen where you are writing an article.

Get a partner to keep you on track to make sure that you are getting things done every single day and if you have a really nasty habit of multitasking record yourself. Get a screen recorder like Camtasia Recorder or Screen Castomatic, click that record button and now everything that you’re doing on your screen is being recorded. This means that you’re going to be way less likely to get distracted or switch off to some other tab because you’re on camera, you’re being recorded and who would record themselves wasting time,

The whole goal here is fast, consistent progress and that means that you sit down, knock out a task, you’re done. Sit down, knock out a task, you’re done. You’re not labouring, you’re not slaving, you’re not suffering for your work and your results, you’re sitting down, getting it done, over and over again. That’s how you stop from being overwhelmed and reduce multitasking from lots of quick fixes and behaviour shifts like simplifying, cleaning up, having focus, a partner and recording your screen if you have a really bad multitasking habit.