Stay Organized And Get A Lot More Done Using These Easy Tips

Stay Organized And Get A Lot More Done Using These Easy Tips

It doesn’t take a lot of change in your life just to become more organized, clear your head and get more productive. Three things will get you started. Clean your work area by removing clutter, set work hours and complete four daily tasks.

One thing you should do immediately is clear everything off your desk. Everyone I know who has a messy desk, a messy work area, papers everywhere, notes scribbled on post-it notes, is scatterbrained and they simply don’t get a lot of stuff done. What’s funny about taking notes is that about 80% of the notes you take will never be used again, all they really do is steal your focus and attention, and distract you from doing the things you actually need to do. If you have passwords that need saving store them in double form. If you have notes that you need to take get them typed up, saved in a file in Ever Notes or in the Word document, put them away. Put things away in your closet, your desk drawers, your filing cabinet. Get it out of your face by removing clutter.

The next thing you should do is set what hours in the day you are going to be completing tasks. There is a reason why most people who work in corporate America nine to five jobs, have to come in at a certain time and have to stay until a certain time. Because, if those hours were not set the average person would not come in at all. If you’re working for yourself you still have the freedom to set any hours you want, just figure out if you’re going to be working from five o clock to ten o clock, from ten to two or even from nine to five, but decide ahead of time which hours in the day you are going to be completing tasks and stick to them.

When you are completing those tasks I have found that the best amount of things to do is four. Don’t have a long to do list, don’t have just one big task that you’re completing today. Choose four milestones that you can realistically get through during today’s workday, and simply complete them.

That’s all you have to do in order to get organized and get more done. Clean your work area, set specific hours that you will be working and complete four milestones every single day.