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Soros invested in campaigns by progressive promoters. And now it seems to be …

by Ace Damon

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In the United States, local prosecutors elected with financial assistance from left-wing entities – including those linked to billionaire George Soros – are giving impetus to protests over criminal justice and police reforms and pushing for new practices that may result in fewer prosecutions and arrests, according to an analysis made by the American broadcaster Fox News.

In most American states, district attorneys are elected by direct vote. Among his responsibilities are deciding when to file a complaint, what crimes should be prioritized and how mild or severe the prosecution’s agreement with the defendant who admitted guilt should be in exchange for easing the charges. It is because of this significant power that they exercise within the criminal justice system that American citizens choose their local prosecutors through elections.

Billionaire George Soros has been investing millions of dollars in these disputes, supporting progressive candidates through political action committees. An Washington Post reporting, published last year, said that these Soros-aligned committees “have contributed significantly to disputes by local prosecutors across the country in recent years, helping to skew disputes in favor of Democratic reformist candidates in Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston and elsewhere “.

Another report, published by the New York Times, revealed that Soros invested more than $ 800,000 in advertising to support the candidacy of progressive Shani Curry Mitchell, who last November was challenging Republican prosecutor Sandra Doorley in New York’s Monroe County – who was eventually re-elected to the post.

But there have been cases in which the billionaire’s investments have borne fruit and that have now become even more evident in the midst of campaigns to reform criminal and police justice. One example shown by Fox News is that of Cook County, Illinois, prosecutor Kimberly Foxx, whose campaign received indirect funding from Soros. Her performance gained national repercussion when she dismissed the case of actor Jussie Smollett, who had been accused of faking a hate attack on himself – the case was later taken up by a special prosecutor who filed new charges.

Foxx is in a re-election campaign and said her office would be more willing to file cases arising from protests or curfew violations. A report by the Police Legal Defense Fund showed that since Foxx took over the local prosecution in 2016, there has been a 13% decline in admissions of guilt or verdicts in criminal cases and a 39% increase in cases filed or lost .

Prosecutors elected with the help of Soros’ money are also declaring support for the national movement to de-finance the police and criticizing the use of security forces to disperse the protests. Larry Krasner, a prosecutor in Philadelphia, wrote a toOpinion article in the Washington Post, co-authored with Balrtimore’s prosecutor Marilyn Mosby, criticizing President Donald Trump for sending federal agents to Portland, Oregon, to protect federal properties from acts of vandalism. In writing that Trump threatened to send federal agents to Philadelphia or Baltimore, the two prosecutors said that if that happens, “his agents will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Soros invested US $ 1.45 million on an independent political action committee that supported the election of Larry Krasner in 2017.


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