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Snake in car leaves panicked woman in Florida (VIDEO)

by Ace Damon
Snake in car leaves panicked woman in Florida (VIDEO)


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A driver panicked when she found a "big surprise" inside her car while driving down a highway in Broward County, Florida, on Friday.

After spotting the reptile, the woman pulled over the car and called on the local authorities to remove the animal from the scene, second WPTV broadcaster.

Earlier tonight a driver was traveling along Hiatus Road when she noticed a sssscary sight – a snake 🐍 inside of her car! Officer Patrick Pagliai responded, coaxed the snake out of the air vents, and was able to safely catch the offending serpent (a harmless rat snake). 1/ pic.twitter.com/euHj1iGMEP

– Pembroke Pines PD (@PPinesPD) January 11, 2020

Tonight, a driver was traveling down Hiatus Road when she saw something scary: a snake in her car! Officer Patrick Pagliai responded (at the request for help), managed to force the snake out of the fan and safely removed the reptile (a rat snake).

According to local police, the woman was making her way down the road when she began to hear a strange noise. It was then that made the scary discovery!

Arriving at the scene, the police rescued the reptile, which was coming out of the car's fan. Despite being harmless, the authorities warned that in such cases it is necessary to remain calm, to pull over safely and to call the emergency service.

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