Should You Focus On Writing Articles, Guest Blog Posts, Magazines Or Books,

Should You Focus On Writing Articles, Guest Blog Posts, Magazines Or Books,

When you are writing for the web you might be wondering what should you focus on. Should you write articles, blog posts, or should you try to get your writing into magazine or full fledged books,

You should write a monthly guest blog post, a weekly article, and worry about the book and magazine stuff later.

The one piece of writing that will get you the most exposure and the most traffic is to publish what you have to say on someone else’s high traffic website, and it’s easy to write an article.

If you think of your writing as an article, but then published it as a blog post, it’s easier to write and easy to repurpose as something else.

If you are brand new just starting out, focus on writing just an article a month, and if you can write an article a week that is even better. But, if you can write just one thing per month and then contact the high traffic blogs in your niche, you can do your best to get yourself published in one of these high traffic publications.

The good thing about being published on someone else’s blog is you can introduce yourself and have an about box, or a bio box underneath that content linking back to your site.

I have published a few guest blog posts that still result in one to two affiliate sales per month from just that one blog post that took me only a few minutes to write.

In addition to writing that monthly guest blog post, you should focus on writing at least an article a week. The good thing about an article is that you can use it on your own site in addition to someone else’s site. That means you can post the same article in an article directory, and post it on your own blog.

What you will find is as you write more and more articles, and put more ideas down into words – some of your articles will simply have too much information, might be too long or just of too high quality to give away for free on an article site or on your blog, and those are the best articles. Those are the ones you should save to publish in a printed magazine, or even save up for your own report or print book.

When you are thinking about focusing on articles, guest blog posts, magazines or books, you should target yourself to write at least one monthly guest blog post, create one weekly article and blog post for your site, and then save your good stuff for a book and magazine later.