Self Techniques in Regulation and Private Speech
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Self Techniques in Regulation and Private Speech

Most of us will have learned early in childhood the technique that is called private speech. We may not identify with the term but in fact the things that we learned as children through repetition and thinking aloud we all used private speech to accomplish. This is an accepted way of learning in childhood and aids us in getting on the right path. We are able to talk our way though situations and learn how to approach problems on our own. Independence is crucial in life and private speech propagates this in children makes them stronger and more mentally fit to deal with problems.

Private speech also aided in the development of our speech. We learned the sounding out of words and how to express ideas and form sentences. We practiced this and were corrected and learned through the environment that we were in. The external environment will also direct our learning hand in hand with private speech. It is essential that we are able to think aloud in our early learning, as this would have contributed significantly to our development and how we approach life today.

In our development and maturity we often move away from private speech even though it is beneficial to us still. However if we continue to use it but internalize the thought processes we will still be served well. There will of course be times, like when we are under stress, that we will revert and use private speech that is vocalized to help us cope with the particular situation.

We are better able to deal with obstacles when we use private speech. This means that we are able to move forward and accomplish more in life. As adults we may not use as much vocalization but we will use phrases and the like to handle what puzzles or confuses us. We can better manage situations and increase our performance in them in this way. We are able to vent and prevent outbursts and are equipped to logically work through the situation we are facing.

Private speech has been shown to increase learning. It engages the brain on many levels and we are able to formulate connections better and retain information more effectively. When we read and listen and talk with others and ourselves we are better able to process information. We will be able to work through situations and accomplish a great deal more. We are able to use multiple senses and experiences to process and reinforce our learning.

Private speech is an important stage in our development that is crucial during childhood but still very useful in adulthood. With private speech we are able to focus more on the important issues and act in a manner that creates and fosters the systematic approach to our problems. We are equipped to handle all eventualities and can become people that are independent and self-sufficient. We are better equipped to perform better using private speech as a motivational tool as well as a learning tool. It is essential in our self-development that if we have never used self-talk or private speech that we do so today. Start the road to a better way of thinking.

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