Self Socializing Regulation and Private Speech
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Self Socializing Regulation and Private Speech

Private speech is inevitably tied into our ability to socialize and interact with others. In the development of our social self it is important that we are able to use private speech to benefit us on our journey. Many persons are social recluses. They do not like crowds and are wary of conversations with people that they do not know and sometimes even with people that they do know in extreme cases. This problem can be tied to many factors such as self-development that was hindered in terms of socializing when growing up, low self-confidence and many other reasons.

The use of private speech can very vital in an easy transition to the social setting. Many times when we are in social settings that are uncomfortable we feel nervous and just cannot seem to relax. This is a large problem because this will not foster good interactions with others. When we are under stress in the social setting this can also manifest physically and we may stutter and shiver in fear as well. It is important to be calm and to be able to relax to achieve all this.

We may not be comfortable with the use of vocalized private speech in this setting but we will be able to use internal private speech. We have to learn to talk ourselves through a situation logically. This entails being able to talk our way through our problems and being able to pave a road that we can follow step by step. This will make us better equipped and confident and we will eventually be able to relax and adjust to the situation. This will allow us to blend in well and we will be able to create social and emotional ties to others that are drawn to us.

Private speech can open many doors to us. It can provide us with the boost in performance that we need on the job as well. There are studies that prove that with the use of private speech that we are able to self regulate ourselves and become more efficient and perform better at many tasks. This means we are able to develop and become better people overall through the use of private speech.

We all have a responsibility too to ensure that our children are able to go through the developmental stage of private speech. Without this they will end up in the same boat that we did. We have to foster the environment for the use of private speech by children. They when challenged will not hesitate to use private speech in the proper environment. We have to let them be independent in small doses through their development and continue to increase this as they grow. This will help them to become self-regulating individuals that are well balanced and able to handle problems logically.

Private speech is important to both adults and children and can assist in making them better able to handle the outside world. It is an important tool, private speech, which can greatly assist in the process of self-development. When we are young if this tool is used we will be better served for it but if not it is possible to utilize this commodity as an adult with good results as well.

We must be able to face the world and handle all that is thrown our way and private speech teaches us how to handle situations hence its importance to daily life. By using your self-talk tools you will be able to work through problems easier as well. So take some time to explore your ability to talk to you.