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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Beats Death Stranding as Best Game of the Year

by Ace Damon

The Game Of The Year Awards are like the Oscars of the gaming world, where the best games of the year are awarded. In this case, who took the biggest merit home was Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, who beat Death Stranding and Resident Evil 2, two strong contenders.

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Death Stranding is not an easy game to enjoy.

There are several factors that led to Death Stranding losing to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Firstly, the timing of the release may have been too late to guarantee Kojima's masterpiece the privileged place of the year.

Death Stranding was released on November 8, Sekiro was released on March 22. The latter had several months to win fans, mature and establish itself as one of the most relevant and interesting games of 2019.

Next, we have the game categories. Sekiro is a game that easily became popular thanks to its legacy (coming from the same studio as Dark Souls), as well as being a samurai action and combat title.

Death Stranding is a "weird animal". The game has a huge weight because it was made by legendary designer Kojima but it is not a game for everyone. Death Stranding has an impressive visual and sound presentation but not all gamers are interested in these factors.

Essentially, Sekiro is a game style with a more "mainstream" appeal while Death Stranding is niche and experimental. What is the best game of the year for you? Tell us in the comments box.

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