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Scientists discover the world's noisiest bird – and she's Brazilian

by Ace Damon
Scientists discover the world's noisiest bird - and she's Brazilian

The Amazonian spider can reach an incredible 125 decibels – louder than a drill.

By Maria Clara Rossini


Oct 21, 2019, 6:16 pm

(Wikimedia Commons / Reproduction)

If you think you're desperate to find a girlfriend, you don't know males of the species. Procnias albus. The Amazonian spider, a bird that lives in northern Brazil, simply lets out the loudest scream in the world to attract potential mates.

An search by the National Institute for Amazon Research and the University of Massachusetts in the United States, has classified the Amazonian spider as the bird with the highest song in the world. Its noise can reach 125 decibels.

To get an idea of ​​how deafening this song can be, here are a few pointers: your voice, during normal conversation, is around 60 decibels. Already the noise of a drill reaches 100 decibels. And if you're next to the speaker at a rock concert, you're subject to 120 decibels.

Now, the funniest part: Instead of using singing to find females that are far away, Amazonian male males make a point of sitting next to their crush and screaming right in her face. But contrary to popular belief, the female is not irritated with her partner. In fact, she loves the noise: the louder the scream, the more attracted she gets. More robust shouting shows that the suitor is healthier and more robust. A true alpha male.

The male needs to have extremely rigid and strong abdominal muscles to reach the singing volume. In interview with BBC, researcher Mario Cohn-Haft, author of the study, says the bird has a well-defined "six pack", while most birds have much less favored abdomens.

The researchers detected two types of corners. The first is shorter and longer while the second is tall and short. The 125 decibel shouts require much more effort from the birds, who can only keep the note for a short time.

Even for those who like to hear bird songs, we do not recommend this one. The pain threshold for humans is 120 decibels. Values ​​greater than this may cause irreversible damage to hearing. So if you want to find a partner, we recommend continuing with Tinder.


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