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Samsung QuickDrive: Time For Work And Family

by Ace Damon
Samsung QuickDrive Time For Work And Family

Time is happiness!

The constant haste, the accelerated daily life and the lack of time for the family affect us all.

To change this cycle, all help is welcome above all the support of smart home appliances like Samsung QuickDrive.

Reconciling work and family life is becoming increasingly difficult. Professional success implies spending many hours in the office, being late for home and not having time for anything.

And then you have to go to the supermarket, put the machine to wash, take the kids to swim, help with homework, prepare meals, to extend the clothes.

The fast pace leaves us little time to be in the family.

But if it is not always possible to work less, an excellent solution would be to reduce time on household chores.

It was to think of this need that Samsung created the QuickDrive, a washing machine that reduces laundry time by up to 50% and by up to 20% energy consumption without compromising cleaning efficiency.

QuickDrive does a thorough wash in half the time of most machines.

Thanks to an innovative system – the Q-Drum – consisting of the main drum and the back plate that rotate independently, ensuring that the pieces of clothing move dynamically, and are washed in less time and without wearing down the fabrics.

Very useful on stains, QuickDrive also has Ecobubble technology that turns detergent into active foam baths, enhancing washing power even in cold water.

Then, thanks to the Add Wash door, you can pause the drum and add forgotten items after the wash has already started.

But that’s not all. This intelligent machine has a detergent dispenser and Automatic Cycle that uses four types of sensors that, when identifying the weight of the load and the level of dirt, optimize the amount of water, detergent and the time of rinsing.

Energy efficiency that contributes to their economies and to a more sustainable planet.

And, if after this, you continue to think that washing clothes are a headache, it is because you still do not know the Samsung SmartThings.

Downloading this app will find the Q-Rator, a kind of personal laundry assistant that suggests the optimal wash cycle for each load of laundry.

Using Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, you can choose the fabric type, color, and level of dirt, and even set the end time of the remote wash cycle.

In the end, you have little more to do than making the most of the extra time you have earned.


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