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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will be much more affordable than competitors

by Ace Damon
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will be much more affordable than competitors

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Samsung is preparing to launch a new folding smartphone in shell format. In addition to changing the way you fold, this new device may come at a much lower price than the Galaxy Fold.

According to an iNews24 report, the price of the Galaxy Z Flip could be between $ 860 and $ 1300. Much more affordable values ​​than any of the similar models ever presented.

Galaxy Z Flip could cost almost as much as a Galaxy S20 Ultra

The source of this report states that Samsung has not yet decided on the price of its next folding smartphone. Even if the South Korean opts for the higher amount mentioned in the report, the Galaxy Z Flip would be in line with many of the conventional equipment that hit the market these days.

Even though nothing is guaranteed, it is very likely that there will be a variant of the Galaxy S20 Ultra close to € 1300.

Folding smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X are priced above 2000 €. Even the latest Motorola Razr has a $ 1500 label.

If these figures are confirmed, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will be the most affordable folding smartphone on the market. A value that many more consumers would be willing to pay.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip could arrive with Snapdragon 855

To be able to lower the selling price of the smartphone, Samsung will have to save on its construction. And one of the ways the company can do that is to save on its components.

According to what is being advanced, the Galaxy Z Flip will be released with the Snapdragon 855 processor. This is a much more affordable 2019 high-end SoC, but still performing quite well.

If the Samsung Galaxy Fold came with a plastic screen, the same cannot be said of the Galaxy Z Flip. Apparently it will come with a much stronger glass panel than the first model.

So we can say that the Galaxy Z Flip will be a better choice than the Motorola Razr. In addition to having a better processor and screen, you can get a more affordable price.

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