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Samsung Galaxy S10 Images Leak More Information

by Ace Damon
Samsung Galaxy S10 Images Leak More Information

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The new image of the Galaxy S10 leaks and shows handset loading the new Galaxy Buds.

The reverse loading already appeared in other leaks of Samsung Galaxy S10.

Among the numerous leaks that have appeared for the Galaxy S10 line of smartphones, Samsung’s upcoming high-end models, one of the most interesting is a reverse charging feature, in which the user could use the device as a power bank to charge other devices.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Images Leak More Information

Now we have the appearance of an image that is supposed to be part of Samsung’s promotional material and may have confirmed the feature: Above we can see the Galaxy S10 being used to recharge the new version of the company’s wireless earphones, the Galaxy Buds.

The image at first could be just a way to show off the smartphone along with the accessory, but by looking closely, you can notice that the little light in the headphones box is on and green, signaling that they are being recharged.

New leak confirms reverse was charging wireless in the three. Will it be possible to use any Galaxy S10 to load other compatible devices.

This image should be the closest we will get from a confirmation of the reverse charging feature in Galaxy S10 devices before its official launch, and reveal that a new generation of Galaxy Buds headphones should also appear in the same event.

It is expected that at least three models of the Galaxy S10 will be launched at Samsung’s Unpacked event, which takes place on February 20.

Along with the smartphones, we should have the announcement also of the new Galaxy Buds and maybe more accessories. We will be attentive to the event to report the main news here on Web market Shop.

Evan Blass, famous for giving information on the latest technology, has revealed that the Galaxy S10 will be available in the next few days.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Images Leak More Information

Devices before they were officially published on their Twitter images of all smartphones Galaxy S10 line, but especially the Galaxy S10. All smartphones will be formally confirmed at the Samsung event on February 20th.

The Galaxy S10 and S10e will only have a front camera allocated in a hole in the screen. At the rear, there are three cameras for the S10 and two for the S10e.

In the image above shows how the notch will be allocated in the Galaxy S10, as well as all the sensors of the lenses that will equip the rear.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Images Leak More Information

The Galaxy S10e will have two lenses on the back, but the front camera and the display are very similar to the Galaxy S10.

The Galaxy S10 has been published in the three colors it will reach the market. The images confirm several other previous leaks, like the two front cameras, which are allocated with a “hole in the screen” and also the three rear horizontally arranged.

You can see the colors that your smartphone will be available, which is: black, sea green and bluish white.

According to the published images, the screen is curved with thin edges, the largest being the bottom of the device. The front cameras are very noticeable on display, with the Infinity-O design announced by Samsung.

The images also confirm that the digital scanner will be inserted in the screen of all three devices in the line, the model also follows the same principle for all smartphones.

It is still not possible to notice any changes to the reverse load that will be present in the three smartphones of the line, according to some leaks.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Images Leak More Information

The debut date of the Galaxy S10v handsets is scheduled for an event that will take place on February 20.

Samsung is expected to launch other handsets such as Smartwatch Galaxy Watch Active, which will also have access to reverse charging.

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