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Russian ships fight ‘naval battle’ during exercises in the Black Sea

by Ace Damon


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Russian Navy ships conducted missile firing exercises in the Black Sea, reported the Russian Ministry of Defense.

“The crews of the Ingushetia, Ivanovets and Naberezhnye Chelny corvettes from the Black Sea Fleet went out to sea to carry out scheduled missile operation exercises as part of an attacking naval group,” informed the Ministry of Defense.

During the first stage of the exercises, the crews used anti-aircraft and artillery weapons against air and land targets, in addition to practicing defense against air attacks and naval combat against enemy ships.

© Sputnik / Andrei Stanavov

Flag of the Russian Navy and masts on the project 21631 Orekhovo-Zuyevo light missile ship during the military exercises of the Black Sea Fleet and the Southern Russian Military District in Crimea

In the second stage, the attack group prepared to launch missiles against multiple surface targets, with electronic missile firing.

The crews must also conduct training to increase the survival and defense capabilities of a squadron of ships during navigation.

The exercises are being carried out in accordance with the training plan for Black Sea Fleet forces, “noted the Russian Ministry of Defense.


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